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The Wrong Side of History

Jack2894 Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 10:25 AM
Can you come up with any more obvious points? Of course it will not last: they never do. Yes, Palestinian militants will shoot first: they always do. Yes, Israel will be militarily prepared: They always are. Teh question is what else is going to happen BESIDES the obvious.
Topeka Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 11:49 AM
No, Jack,

the question is why does your team insist that we play "Charlie Brown" to their "Lucy"

... while people get killed.

Oh wait... torture, murder, rape rooms, unjust detention, are all fine for dictators supported by the Left.
During the so-called "Arab Spring," the Obama administration insisted that the United States risked being on the "wrong side of history" if it remained aligned with secular despots like Egypt's Hosni Mubarak. Recent events have made clear that there is a wrong side for freedom in the Mideast all right and, thanks to Team Obama's embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood, we're on it.

Take, for example, the cease-fire between Israel and the Brotherhood's Palestinian franchise - the designated terrorist organization, Hamas. Mohamed Morsi, the man the Muslim Brotherhood selected to replace Mubarak as president of Egypt, brokered the deal and...