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The Republicans -- After Dunkirk

Jack2894 Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 11:13 AM
Dream On. History shows no such thing. The tax bracket increase will be insignificant to everyone. Look at it thois way. Suppose someone owns a business and rakes in 1 million in profit. On that, he pays $350,000, leaving himself $650,000. The Tax increase arrives and he has to pay $390,000, leaving himself $610,000. He is goign to leave America over that? Not likely. In fact, he would simply say, hmmm, if I want to have $650,000 left over I will have to earn 1.065 million.
At the Potsdam conference with Harry Truman and Josef Stalin, Winston Churchill learned that the voters of the nation he had led for five years through World War II had just voted to throw him out of office.

"It may well be a blessing in disguise," said his wife Clementine.

"At the moment, it seems quite effectively disguised," replied Churchill.

Republicans must feel that way today. For they have survived their own Dunkirk. They may have left their helmets, canteens and rifles behind, but they did finally get off the beach.

That Republicans suffered a rout, as the British did with the...