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Whoa: New Book Details Obama's "Disdain" and "Anger" Towards Romney

Jack1529 Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 10:01 AM
This book speaks volumes about Obama's alleged "competitive nature"--his nature is boorish, amateurish, and exhibits all the hallmarks of a run of the mill competitor, at best. It's highly instructive to witness, for example and in contrast, the genuine class, humility and sportsmanship currently on display at the London Olympics, wherein there is respect shown for fellow competitors, high regard for other athletes expressed, and recognition for others' achievements. Why? The very best, the most-accomplished got there by being continually pushed by their peers and which results in jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring athletic performances. POTUS is quite simply a thin-skinned poseur prone to tantrums.

While no one expects them to be best of friends, at the very least, Americans like to feel as though political opponents like Mitt Romney and Barack Obama can disagree while maintaining a level respect and decorum. This election, however, is different.

In his new e-book, Obama's Last Stand, POLITICO reporter Glenn Thrush examines the president's competitive nature and divulges that his personal feelings about past GOP candidates were nothing compared to the hatred he apparently harbors for Mitt Romney.

“One factor made the 2012 grind bearable and at times even fun for Obama: he began...