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Good grief!! This guy's an absolute imbecile!
wmou, it's never racist to to state facts. It was more than obvious last night that either 1) Obama didn't prepare adequately for the debate, or 2) He's been asleep at the wheel the past 3.9 years of his administration and who, therefore, hasn't learned anything in that time. He had neither a grasp of elementary economics, was unable to explain and/or successfully defend his policies and when pressed, urged Jim Lehrer to (quickly) change the subject. His entire history, both professional and personal, reflects one of Obama's most-serious weaknesses: The guy doesn't like to, let alone, know how to work. In most circles--including the black community--that's called LAZINESS and there isn't anything remotely racist about saying so.
Program begun under the prior administration? AG has held people responsible? Documents in the thousands have been released? How does this guy get away with such utter, complete nonsense and outright lies?
Well, of course they did. He has the courage--and intelligence--to step off the Democrat plantation!!
Are there truly enough imbeciles believing this garbage that Bammie actually stands a shot at re-election? I shudder to think there just may be!
As one with a spouse who is an elected official--statewide--I know for a fact that candidates CAN indicate their displeasure with a particular ad and who can not only communicate such distaste/rejection through the media but also via back channels. That Bammie and company have not done so is utterly and indefensibly repugnant.
Jim, Bammie hasn't worked hard or "competed" in anything in his entire life; he's mailed it in at every turn. He's not about to change his stripes now.
Ah, the typically insipid race card being played--yawn--once a desperate bid to bolster confidence amongst the mindless.
This book speaks volumes about Obama's alleged "competitive nature"--his nature is boorish, amateurish, and exhibits all the hallmarks of a run of the mill competitor, at best. It's highly instructive to witness, for example and in contrast, the genuine class, humility and sportsmanship currently on display at the London Olympics, wherein there is respect shown for fellow competitors, high regard for other athletes expressed, and recognition for others' achievements. Why? The very best, the most-accomplished got there by being continually pushed by their peers and which results in jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring athletic performances. POTUS is quite simply a thin-skinned poseur prone to tantrums.
Given your oh-so-intelligent" invective, rose, I'm guessing you wouldn't recognize resistance to government assaults on the 1st Amendment. Were I in your shoes, I'd ask for a refund of my tuition dollars.
Liz, your reasoning skills are atrocious! We spend so little on infrastructure because brainiacs like you spend like drunken sailors on entitlements. Cut those back and guess what happens? Lots of money for roads and bridges!! Then again, food stamps are THE most-stimulative aspect of our economy, aren't they?
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