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High time we start punching back at the bullies who, by definition, are cowards!
Seems like a good time to cut-off Chicago's line of credit as well.
"Gun safety" from the good folks who cannot protect our diplomatic personnel or who care not one whit for the lives of innocent Mexicans? I'm afraid that's a dish far too rich to swallow.
This boycott may prove to be a terrific, allegorical "shot across the bow" and signal to the dunderheads in Washington exactly the kind of push-back, if not outright resistance, that will come to pass should they proceed in their ill-conceived gun control efforts.
What in the hell do these liberals ninnies think happens in war? That the participants are engaged in a deadly game of tiddlywinks?
Of course, Cane, the subject at hand is the equally "scientifically rigorous" nonsense known as climate change which fundamentally, is nothing but a bait-and-switch in order to levy taxes on the middle class and do so without their outright resistance, if not outraged opposition.
Good grief! Does anyone nowadays have the courage to say what they mean and mean what they say and do so without the need afterwards for a weak-kneed retraction?
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Who's a Coward?

Jack1529 Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 11:40 AM
Talk about the POT(US) calling the kettle black! I'm afraid I've yet to see a more cowardly politician than our leader (from behind).
Hear, hear, Nanzi!! I'm relieved to know that magazines such as Time are to be banned. It's been assaulting my senses for years!
Piers' argument qualifies as intelligent debate? In Liberal Land it sure does.
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