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Georgia Teacher Makes Student Deliver Campaign Signs During Class Time

jack1466 Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 6:37 PM
Todays politics isn't about whats good/right for the USA,its about the personal"WHIMS"/"AGENDAS"of a single/groop.If Romney wins he'll spend time to repeal"Obama care",like thats the biggest current issue.If Obama wins(a hard core anti-gunner)will spend his time trying load the US Supreme Court with same ideology.He walks around with armed body guards,while everyone else takes their"CHANCES"

Among the many education-related ballot proposals this election is Amendment 1 in Georgia. The proposed constitutional amendment would reauthorize an independent board to approve charter schools. Currently, school districts are able to regulate charters, thereby limiting their competition. reported on some of the dirty tactics being employed by the education establishment:

In some areas, school employees are reportedly using taxpayer funds and work time to campaign against Amendment 1, possibly violating state law.

“I had a lady come to me … who substitute teaches who said when she walked in to teach the GAE was serving donuts and telling...