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Rubio proposes higher education overhaul

jacdew Wrote: Feb 10, 2014 10:57 AM
That last sentence is the key. Get govt loans out of the system. Make colleges actually compete for students with limited funds, costs will come down and quality of education will improve.
The CBO does a terrible job of estimating the cost of any legislation. It's partly because they use a 'static' methodology. This creates meaningless data. It's about time someone held them to account. Maybe we'll see some change to a more realistic analysis. Personally I'd like to see the CBO as only one of three estimates. Let each party designate a 'think tank' to provide the other two and then debate the proposed law. It won't be perfect but it might give everyone a better understanding of the effect of that law.
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The Fair Tax

jacdew Wrote: Jan 15, 2014 1:07 AM
It is appalling that with all the recent problems with the IRS still doesn't generate enthusiasm for the Fair Tax. I don't think any other tax reform offers the potential advantages of the Fair Tax. These include a reduction of cronyism created in the current tax code and the promotion of job creation. Yes, it is a hard sell. Primarily because it robs our representatives of power to favor their supporters with tax loopholes. Spending other peoples money is always preferred to actually working to earn our support.
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Tax Reform Is the IRS Fix

jacdew Wrote: Jun 01, 2013 9:00 AM
Reforming the tax code is futile. No one knows what's in the current code and it provides too much 'power' to the politicians to control mere citizens. Replacement with a flat tax is appealing to most people but how long before it is corrupted for the same reason? The Fair Tax is demonized as 'regressive' but does eliminate the IRS and the phony taxes on business (which consumers pay anyway). Could we minimize the demonizing by modifying the 'prebate' to replace the welfare/social safety net?
Where in the world did you get the idea that a governments main function is to maximize revenue? Sounds like a progressive mindset! A government's main function is to protect its citizens .. a function long forgotten by this administration and apparently by most of our representatives.
The key words from Ms. Speier were 'we need to impose', indicating more government rules on what our health care providers can charge for their services. We are already facing a doctor shortage, and more and more refusal to serve Medicare patients. Just what do they expect from more 'imposed' restrictions? The cost of health care won't come down until there is true competition among providers. There can be no competition when there is a 3rd party (insurance) between the patient and the provider. Insurance should be limited to catastrophic need, and eliminated for 'routine' health care. Exactly the opposite of the government mandated insurance plan.
I'm puzzle why there are so few advocating zero taxes on corporate earnings. The cost of corporate taxes is born by the consumer thus inflating prices. Many corporations use the tax code (government cronyism) to avoid paying taxes which makes them more competitive on the world stage, but limits competition and thus innovation. I'm also puzzle why there is so much insistence on eliminating capital gains or other investment income. This is perceived by the great bulk of people as 'catering to the wealthy' and thus becomes a rallying point. If there were no taxes on corporate earnings. I don't see how a standard tax rate on investment income would be detrimental to economic growth.
Thanks for the link to Neb Williams ideas on taxes. I'm sorry to see so few viewers.
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What Are McCain and Graham Thinking?

jacdew Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 3:39 PM
Agree with Rick676. Can't imagine why this doesn't get 100% support from the other senators. To me it shows how political (as opposed to functional) the Democrat controlled senate has become. This is even more obvious than the future bankruptcy of entitlements, which those same Democrats refuse to acknowledge.
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Adams 2016

jacdew Wrote: Dec 10, 2012 12:46 AM
Mike, This may have been written with tongue largely in cheek, but I find it extremely reasonable and relevant. You had me hooked with #2 (Fair Tax) and I was actually drooling by #12! I am a little disappointed that you don't advocate for greater privatization of Social Security (Chilean model) more on Medicare reform (eliminating Obama Care is just not enough to save us from a health cost Armageddon). We need to get the federal bureaucracy out of medicine!
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