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Reagan's 'evil empire' comment was spot-on, and today's democrats, progressives, and liberals are merely an extension of that thinking (knowingly or not.)
If you feel the need to rant and be ignored, you've come to the right place.
I wonder how much of the money she is reeling in from Planned Parenthood is tax dollars being diverted to her campaign?
Planned Parenthood, Hollywood, the MSM, and anyone who likes no restrictions on murdering babies - and there is no lack of money from contributors like that.
No arguement there, DSMike--but there are so many scam artists, it's tough to separate the wheat from the chaff. I called the VA once to ask a question, and the first comment they made was to ask me if I was calling to file a claim for PTSD. I hadn't even asked my question yet. I know a guy who is trying to collect for PTSD that was stationed in Hawaii during Viet Nam. His reason--he saw all the caskets coming back on transport planes. My thought was that he should have been thankful he wasn't in one of the boxes.
Anyone paying attention BEFORE obama was elected the first time had all the evidence they should EVER have needed about the obama's hatred for white people. If ANY white man had attended KKK meetings for 20 years, they would be called racists, yet the obama's attended the reverend wright's church and no one has ever called them to task for this. the mr. wright preached hatred for whites the entire time of his 'ministry.' Yet the mainstream media kept silent.
Why does this come off sounding like extortion? Give us $17 billion or we'll do . . . (fill in the blank.) This reminds me of the cover of a National Lamppon about a million years ago. There was a picture of a dog with a pistol pointed at its head. The caption was, "buy this magazine, or we shoot the dog." NO government agency should be giving bonuses to their executives, period. That is for companies that make a profit. They have been given more than enough money for decades to fix this problem. And the fault is obama's. He promised to fix the VA six years ago, and he's had more than enough time to do so. If he were a man, he would take the blame, but he's a spoiled baby who's never had to take responsibility for ANYTHING his entire life.
Veterans have the same right to go homeless and jobless as anyone else. We don't owe veterans a job and a home for the rest of their lives because they VOLUNTEERED to serve their nation. I know this won't be popular, but I served in the armed forces for 27 years, and my father, mother , brother, nephew, uncle, and two cousins also served in uniform. My father and cousin received a Silver Star and a DFC, respectively. I never once heard my father talk about what this country owed him, but I did hear him talk about what he owed this great nation. The VA scandal is obscene, and obama promised to fix it. He's had almost six years, and for part of that time he had a majority in the House and Senate, and he's had the majority in the Senate the entire time. It is on his watch, it is HIS fault. If he were a leader he would know that. If he had served in the military he would know that. If he was a man he would know that.
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Apology to an Anti-Chicken Bigot

J_inVT Wrote: Jul 18, 2014 9:31 AM
I would have never suspected you of bein a fan of Robert Heinlien, Dr. Adams (that's who the quote is from concerning wrestling with pigs - at least that's who I have seen it attributed to.) An absolutely hilarious column, and more-so because it was well thought-out and wonderfully worded. Thanks for standing on the front lines and fighting the good fight.
The investigating body has to desire to prosecute those guilty of crimes; but if that authority is part of the deed, the chances of them doing anything other than helping cover up the crimes are zero to none.
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