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The appropriate response would have been for ALL news outlets to repost the Charlie Hebdo article with actual images the day after. Best way to kill roaches is to leave food out.
Good idea but one problem.....the Federal Government has proven over and over again that it cannot run anything. This would have to block granted to the states and let them run it.
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2016: Let’s Elect a Grown-up President

J8 Wrote: Jan 04, 2015 5:15 AM
You may want to add another requirement to your candidate......must be a successful governor. NO MORE SENATORS for president
It seems that the problem is not with more transparency, its teach kids what the role of a peace officer is. We were brought up that way and often had officers come to schools and public gatherings to educate children to the Officer's job, and how to behave around police officers. Apparently in some communities kids are taught from day one that the POPO is the enemy. That is the real problem here. No amount of technology is going to change that. Maybe the president should start with addressing this attitude by invigorating the National Night Out or other more sensibly means of bringing communities together with their law officials.
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5 Ways To Improve Meet The Press

J8 Wrote: Nov 28, 2014 3:28 PM
6. Get rid of Chuck, in the tank for Obama, Todd.
Why is it that 3rd party Libertarians and so-called Independent candidates have left leanings? 3rd party voting is a wasted vote and never ever affects any change. And is typically a ploy to siphon votes away from the Republican candidate. Voter influence has to start locally by electing the candidates that most reflect the view of what needs to change at the time. For example, we have too many John Boener types that go along to get along and would negotiate away the constitution. In order to affect that dynamic you have promote more conservative candidates that CAN WIN AN ELECTION and influence decisions to more conservatively. This also applies at the national level and applies to both parties. Democrats and independents who blindly voted for this sea of garbage in 2008/2012 need to correct the course in their own party or move their a$$ to Venezuela.
What seems to be overlooked in this discussion of States not participating in the exchanges is that in the original 2012 ruling, that the mandate for Medicaid expansion was deemed as coercion by the Supreme court. I think the state Governors took this as a sign (after getting the opportunity the finally read the bill) that the Fed Government could also not coerce the states to setup the exchanges either. Aside from that Congress are not engineers and as such should not vote on laws that engineer this kind of change in people's lives. We need to run them all out of town.
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A Way Forward on Regulatory Reform

J8 Wrote: Jun 01, 2014 3:19 PM
Reduce the size of the EPA, have the states provide review and feedback into the process and for approval/rejection, using a group that has knowledge of the impacts and benefits for their state. Having representatives review this is mindless as they dont have the experience to understand (unintended consequences) when voting on this type of legislation in the past.
So, according to recent data, our Carbon Dioxide output (U.S) is at 1991 levels and consistently decreasing, yet China's output has been increasing exponentially in the past 10 years, and India's has been increasing linearly for that same time period. Last I checked we are all on the same planet, so how is penalizing our country going to help when other countries are not being held to the same standards/regulations?
And their healthcare professionals as well.
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