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Gas Prices and Political Mythology

J352 Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 12:09 PM
"The bigger reason the price plummeted in 2008 was Bush announced they would open up production, and the market believed him" - Wow, you think US domestic "confidence" effected globally determined oil and then refined petroleum prices? Show us some analysis regarding this effect; FYI you won't find any because it isn't remotely true (sorry).
If there is any issue you can be sure will come up during a presidential election campaign, it's gasoline prices. They are simple, important and plainly visible to anyone who drives. They're the classic pocketbook issue: When prices are low or at least falling, voters somehow feel better than when prices are high or rising.

Lately it's been the latter. During his acceptance speech at the Republican convention, Mitt Romney faulted President Barack Obama because "gasoline prices have doubled" on his watch, while lamenting the plight of a hard-pressed American "watching the gas pump hit $50." Message: You won't...
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