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Crippling Student Loan Debt Kills Economies

J352 Wrote: Apr 25, 2012 2:14 PM
Usually to people who don't have them.
Blair31 Wrote: Apr 25, 2012 7:01 PM
I went to college for three months. I stopped because it was too far to go in bad weather. There's
a high tech entrepreneur who's offering college students $10,000 to drop out and start their own
companies. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, dropped out of Harvard. Some people aren't cut
out for college. Better to find what you're good at in the real world than be indoctrinated by pinkos.

Student loan debt is massive and expanding. It’s a huge problem to future growth in the US. Why? Because when you are just starting out and you can’t afford to take risk on different jobs because you are worried bill collectors are breathing down your neck. Collectively, it forces people into safer choices.

Instapundit has been chronicling the student debt debacle for over a year now. The topic was one of the points of the Occupy movement. Forgiveness of student debt. Big debt limits choice. Kids out of college won’t be able to buy homes. If...

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