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Just goes to show, voters in New Hampshire are true outliers and have nothing to do with the conservative /Republican base. They are so far to the Left that the most conservative of them can't even get to the Center.
Hope she has a rain of hundreds of pairs of shoes that fall out of the ceiling of their center where they make their 'We Won!' statements. It would be appropriate that she is 'shoed in' much like Bush was in Iraq.
Great whitewash, RINOs. This is another GOP establishment type who has worked been elected eight times, a virtual political career. He bought into the 'Washington politicos need to protect each other from the public,' way of doing things. Even to the point of believing the NSA is doing the right thing with all the abuses they make against the citizens of the US. He has truly turned into scum of the worst sort, and is someone I always wonder about when he defends the NSA on those talk shows. As for the Benghazi story? Sorry, but just the regular news feeds that were live during the activity, made it absolutely obvious what this was all about, and who was doing the fighting. What the Establishment (both parties) didn't want you to know was that the 'Arab Spring' was being pushed by jihadists like the Muslim Brotherhood, and the result would be a huge radical shift in the Arab World. I don't trust a thing Rogers says, pretty much about anything.
Wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't using one of Obama-Holder's Fast and Furious guns as the murder weapon.
lol - what an image, a louse, wet with yellow liquid, thinking that is the latest skin product.
Don't make yourself obviously, noticeably idjitlike.
Manipulation of laws and paying illegals under the table.
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Obama's Unnecessary, Unpromising War

J314 Wrote: Sep 14, 2014 8:52 AM
Let me get this right. Chapman believes that using air power as part of a strategy to strike back at the Islamic State is wrong? Does this mean that fighting a 'war/ police action/ containment action', whatever, is not correct? His article certainly takes a tone that doing anything against them is wrong by the US. He tries to backstep a little at the end, but not enough to undo all the bad he put forward early. It sounds purely political in nature. Maybe he thinks it is better to sit on our hands until Kerry can put together a good coalition to fight the enemy, er, pardon me, "the poor disenfranchised Islamists who just want to fight against bad US policy" before we do anything? In Pakistan, the people actually thought we were helping the bad guys (security forces) stay in power and helped contribute to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. THAT is why many Pakistanis believe the US is the enemy.
OMG, from the sublime to the ridiculous, the NBA is nothing but an organization of simpletons. So he outs himself because of something he wrote two years ago, and it was questioning the economics of not having enough season ticket holders (you know, that group with more money than sense) because of the under-representation of white attendees and ticket holders. Think he just wants to unload a franchise headed for hard times and doesn't want to have a prospective buy alerted for the real reason he wants to sell the team.
No reason they needed that information. Unless they were going to give it to an anti-gun group and get it published like they have done in other jurisdictions. Best they do an investigation on these three and see if they are affiliated with any other anti-Constitutional groups.
Today we also learn that Obama has had over a year of briefings on ISIS that were warning him of this group that was hogging the weapons provided to the 'resistance fighters in Syria', and the threat they posed. So, with that in mind, he still makes an idiotic comment that they don't have a strategy, yet, as if this all just came to him? I think he was too preoccupied with ways of 'transforming the USA' by figuring out how to let illegals become citizens. But wait, he'll have more 'flexibility' after the midterms when, no matter how he dismantles the Constitution, there will be no more elections until his tenure is nigh gone. Woe is the USA.
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