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What's wrong with illegal immigrants and an open border? New Hampshire is a long ways from the Mexican border, and what's the big deal for this state? Hey, so the Border Patrol has found a few thousand prayer rugs and korans left on the border in the wilds of the southwest, does that mean we've got Jihadii terrorists sneaking across a non-existant border with Mexico? So what if they are, New Hampshire is a long ways from Mexico, and surely they'll stay close to the border there. There is nothing to fear in New Hampshire from amnesty and allowing tens of millions of illegals to stay here (real estimate of 25 million now, not just 11 like the amnesty proponents have said).
Mr. Humanitarian Aide will be sure that those MREs are the ham and eggs ones, not the salisbury steak...after all, they're just non-Muslims, and not worth squat to him. His little wussy heart beats fast and he gets flushed and sweaty palms, just thinking about a Caliphate!! What a wonderful place to 'retire' to and be the Big Dog there at the en dof his term in Washington.
Why is this still in the townhall news? This is so old and out of date it is pathetic. Two months? Most of the comments are not even apropos anymore.
You have a very troll-like nature...do you eat rocks and other silica-based materials?
Absolutely agree. They have done one thing after another that is anti-American, and amnesty is what they've both been after.
I truly have nothing but very bad thoughts for McConnell. What we desperately need is a real leader, like Ted Cruz, not a 'scheduler' with his green eyeshade. McConnell was ok 15 years ago, but now he needs to be deposed and put down...hard!
It doesn't help when five of them are start shooting 50 meter away. Go ahead and arrogantly charge them and see how many you can disarm before you look like red Swiss cheese.
Petty thieves and Putin have one thing in common - they both only believe in the stick, not the carrot. When you allow the little crimes to be committed, such as pickpocketing, illegal parking, purse snatching, etc., it generates an atmosphere of permissiveness that the petty criminal reads quickly, and then he moves his threshold of things he'll do, as far as he thinks he can, and not be brought to task for it. Putin is much the same. Let him take little Crimea, and so what if it meant the sovereignty of a nation has been breached. Heck, we all KNOW that the election was 100% true, because Russia and the UN said it was!! They never lie, do they? So, next on his plate?...the rest of the Ukraine, the Baltic states (especially since the reaction by the EU and USA has been pretty much non-existent), and then the old Warsaw Pact countries in Eastern Europe had better be a little more conscious of what is going on...they may wake up one morning and find the Bear's divisions of tanks rolling through their streets... Is any of that work a nuclear war? Better to die on your feet than on your knees, wuss.
The only more whipsawing you'll see, is how she is AGAINST it again, as soon as she is re-elected She'll just say she has received more information and changed her mind, that the XL line is not really needed.
We don't need the Keystone XL Pipeline. After working in the oil and gas industry for over 22 years, I know quite a bit about the systems. Right now there are several other companies that are working to upgrade and change their existing lines (and don't need a Presidential permit) to accept the oil from the tar sands. They will be able to ship it to the Gulf coast through these lines, making the XL line nothing but an extraneous facility. It would definitely add to our infrastructure, but it isn't really needed, given the lines we already have in place.
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