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I agree most of the church want that warm fuzzy feeling and think anyone that goes against the grain is unloving and therefor sinning. Most of the church doesn't have a clue what real love is. They think that fighting for your children's future is entirely Gods problem and that we should turn the other cheek at every situation. A person could go on and on. The truth is most of the church is exactly as the author puts it. "A bunch of cowards" It appears that most of the church really doesn't know what it is to hate the sin and love the sinner, if they did they'd be preaching a whole different story.
I can see that we have a real educated class of people commenting. You people look at the group that makes the noise and assume that's what RP supporters are like. What you don't consider is the millions of supporters that are from a different class of people that are to busy making a living (paying taxes) to show up for this, but we will be at the ballot box. RP is the only candidate that has supporters from every walk of life. Freedom has no boundaries, unless your a sorry cowardly liberal that needs the gov. to tell them when its okay to take a dump. So I guess there is one group where we have no support, thankfully.
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How Romney and Our Republic Can Win (Part 1)

J307 Wrote: May 03, 2012 2:26 AM
Just what I need some limp wrist little fagot telling me what a true conservative is. I wouldn't vote for Romney if I was paid to. The definition of insane is to keep doing the same thing over and expecting different results. I have watched the GOP sheep being told who to vote for for most of my life and its been a total disaster. This time I am voting for the only conservative on the list and if you want to win you had better get on board. You sorry rhinos are sure to screw up another election and if you do you deserve what you get. Vote Ron Paul.
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