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Trigger Please

J215 Wrote: Jun 05, 2014 8:42 AM
Brain-dead liberal is redundant.
I think this means that 77% misunderstand what this atrocity really is. It was never meant to be a success at getting more people insured through the exchanges. It was designed to be a colossal failure that cost tons of money and is unworkable. It was designed to let the government blame the insurance companies for raising premiums and canceling plans. It was designed so that in the end benevolent government can come in and say, "Let us fix this for you. The evil insurance companies really made a mess of everything and without them this would have worked perfectly. How about we just pay for everything and everyone is covered by government insurance. One entity to pay for everything so you don't have to deal with the likes of those insurance companies. Universal healthcare. What do you say?"
I wholeheartedly agree that we need to open up our exploration and mining domestically but I completely disagree that we should start exporting any of these things when I read an article yesterday that says we are still importing 40% of our oil. That's ludicrous. We should only start exporting oil when we've reached 0% imported. It's beyond stupid to say, "I want to sell oil to someone over here just so i can turn around and buy it from someone else over there." Even a child would look at that and say, "Why don't you just keep what you have and let "over there" buy from "over here?"
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