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The Education Blob's Revenge

J. Murray Wrote: Apr 24, 2013 10:30 AM
"The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy." -Oscar Wilde The UK's former Ministry of Colonies had the largest personnel on record when all it had left to administer was Hong Kong. The FAA has doubled its staff despite a 24% reduction in the number of flights nationwide since 2008. Education, much like these other functions, do not exist to benefit the people; it exists to benefit the employees and politicians. If politicians cared about outcomes, we wouldn't have public education.
inkling_revival Wrote: Apr 24, 2013 10:52 AM
This is not entirely correct. Yes, the bureaucracy perpetuates and grows itself, like all bureaucracies. But the core agenda is succeeding at producing what it is designed to produce: obedient slaves to the Progressive utopia. They do care about this outcome, and they are thrilled at the effectiveness of the strategy. The fact that the schools fail to produce an educated populace is just a bothersome side issue; so long as they produce obedient Progressives, the lack of sophistication really only helps their cause.
I wrote recently how teachers unions, parent-teacher associations and school bureaucrats form an education "Blob" that makes it hard to improve schools. They also take revenge on those who work around the Blob.

Here's one more sad example:

Ben Chavis, founder and principal of the American Indian Public Charter Schools, got permission to compete with the Blob in Oakland, Calif. Chavis vowed, "We'll outperform the other schools in five years." He did. Kids at the three schools he runs now have some of the highest test scores in California.

His schools excel even though the government spends less on them.

But Chavis paid his...