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Why the Obama Bubble Still Hasn’t Burst

J. Galt Wrote: Oct 08, 2012 10:08 AM
The Democrats aka Socialist/progressives/Marxist/communist/statist will follow the historical path of establishing a totalitarian regime where all wealth is confiscated by the state. The masses are enslaved to serve the elite. Totalitariansm always follows the fall of a democratic republic. History repeats itself; similar to gravity, it exists as a force of nature regardless of whether you believe it.

Can there be political bubbles like financial bubbles?

Financial bubbles, inflated by hopes and dreams, burst when reality negates any possibility that those hopes and dreams will be realized. At that point, sky high stock or bond or real estate prices come crashing down to earth.

Can the same thing happen in politics? Can a skilled politician, who has become popular with soaring rhetoric and promises, deflate when it starts becoming clear that he is not going to deliver?

Of course, I am thinking about our president.

Mitt Romney demonstrated in the first presidential debate that the considerable gap...