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Romney-Ryan Forces Americans to Finally Face Looming Fiscal Doom

J. Galt Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 3:34 PM
I just terminated a $100 US savings bond I have held for 16 years. At $50 at purchase, now worth $87, it yielded $37 before my 22% tax rate. I gained $28, less than the 3% inflation a year over 16 years. This is a grand illustration on how pointless it is for our government's to manage anything, should the postal service and national debt alone not convince you.
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We do not know who will win the White House in November. But we do know that American politics has crossed the Rubicon on spending and entitlements, and these issues will at long last complete the journey from a forbidden third rail to a central element of national politics. Even if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lose this year’s battle to Barack Obama, they will win the war on the challenge of our generation.

Congressman Paul Ryan is best known for his...