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If You Like Obama's Failed Policies, Vote for Him

J. Galt Wrote: Aug 10, 2012 9:40 AM
The slogan of the Democratic Socialist Party is 'Death to America'. Their biggest issue is they are composed of a variety of special interest groups which will all be eliminated should the Islamist take over.
Those who understand that America is now on the wrong track cannot reasonably vote for Obama in November, because he is absolutely unwilling to change, perhaps even ideologically incapable of changing, course. Evidence abounds.

First, consider his disastrous economic record and his rejection of any semblance of a course change. He and his economic advisers told us his stimulus would keep unemployment below 8 percent. It didn't. He didn't consider for a second that his policies exacerbated the economic crisis. He blamed Bush and said that if anything, he -- Obama -- hadn't spent enough. He demanded more stimulus packages...