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-Another world leader declared his nation does not deserve to die as they did not deserve him. -The Justice Dept, Military, Nasa, IRS, CDC, FBI, NSA, etc are now simply charged to prop up and issue propaganda for the Democrat Party & Obama Administration. The leadership is vetted merely on the basic of political reliability. Competence is no not required and is grounds for removal. Obama, like Stalin, has purged the military of all competent leadership. -The Democrat Party slogan is 'Submit or Die'. To be determined if their flag will be red or black.
Apologies, I got the governors of Colorado and Oregon mixed up. Not that there is a difference.
Perhaps the governor does not want to reveal his income stream from influence peddling scam he and his 'policy adviser' is generating.
The US should force the UN to relocate out of the country. We should either pay only 1x of the UN cost (where x is the number of members) rather than 25%+ or withdraw all together. A separate organization can be created comprised of the five permanent security council members only. The opinion of the remainder, comprised primarily of dictatorships, theocracies, terrorist supporters/enablers, and those unwilling to defend themselves is of no consequence.
A major issue in the DNC 2016 convention is whether make the red flag or the black flag the official flag of the party.
Money as the first priority; its a personality trait unlikely to change.
Common law marriage does not exist in Oregon.
Oregon is a shining example of government policy for sale to the highest bidder. The only criteria is how much money will the government official (in this case the governor and his fiance aka first lady] can profit, typically via taxpayers dollars. This is standard Democrat practice aka Liberal aka Progressive, aka Socialist [all pseudonyms for Marxist]. This system enslaves the citizens to serve the elite. Or in terms that recent students can understand: All animals are created equal; some are more equal than others; especailly pigs. {G Orwell]
The Democrats and redefined our government such that the NSA, EPA, IRS, and Justices departments are now the secret police charged with protecting the leadership and targeting anyone considered to be a subversive. The leadership operates independent of the constitution or law. Anyone objecting is guilty of subversion. The national media serves as the Propaganda Ministry and is fully controlled by the State. .Citizens survive at the whim of the State, who considers them mere slaves to serve the elite.
Another historical world leader declared his nation must perish as it did not deserve him.
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Ebola and Obama

J. Galt Wrote: Oct 07, 2014 10:36 AM
The essential priority of the Liberal=Progressive=Democrat=Socialist=Marxist is collecting the next check & outliving their grandchildren.
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