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The Global Map, 2017

J. Galt Wrote: Sep 11, 2014 10:57 PM
You forgot to mention the Islamic State of Minnesota & the formation of the Marxist Confederation of Bankrupt States of CA, OR, WA, NY, MD, VT, NH, MA & DC.
Jarret is the representative of the Supreme Leader of Iran. Jarret dictates to Obama while Huma Abedin (Muslim Brotherhood) dictates to HIllary.. In both recent presidential elections, the majority of contributions to the Democrat Party were from foreign country credit cards.
The Democrat aka Marxist Party has not tolerance for religion or any over form of subversion to the total power of the State. The full power of government will be employed to eliminate any one who does not submit to the State. This is very similar to Islam, they only disagree who will be in charge. Also Islamist are willing to die for their cause while liberals insist others die for the Liberal cause.
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What If Chevy Volts Were Mortgages?

J. Galt Wrote: Sep 07, 2014 2:16 PM
So it seems you believe we need more people in charge who are entitled to leadership positions, not having earned then through hard work and experience in practice, but solely on ideaology? Stalin, Mao, and US higher education uses the same method.
Proton beam therapy is entirely allocated to the political elite, members of the party in good standing.
I wonder what was the number of college graduates in May/Jun vs the number of economy job creation. This of course assumes a new college graduate with $50G+ debt to the Federal government (aka economic slavery) is excited being paid in a no skill job such as fast food or retail, if they can find one. .
Despite the constitution, the Marxists who are in charge have established Atheism as the State Religion. Marxist pseudonyms include, the Left, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Communist, Democrat, and Environmentalist.
To bad Harriet Tubman is not around to help the slaves escape their bondage to the Federal government.
What about Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood to limit the growth of undesirable races ad defined by Democrats in the US (primarily blacks but also Hispanics, Jews, Chinese, Irish, etc). or Rachel Carson, who led the ban on DDT in 1972. Since then 2 million people a year die of malaria for the last 42 years, making Ms Carson the greatest killer of the human race, surpassing Moa, Stalin, and Hitler in this category.
Keep in mind that Obama is only one Liberal who shares this group think. There is an endless supply of anti-American Marxist (aka the Democrat Party) willing to take over for him.
Obama has purged the military of all competent leaders and replaced them with politically reliable persons. Same game plan as Stalin, ironically Stalin did this right before the German invasion of Russia.
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