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Illegal immigrants also have the right to be immune from any law and conduct any crimes they feel like without fear of prosecution or deportation by this administration.
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Random Thoughts

J. Galt Wrote: Jan 27, 2015 9:17 PM
A lot of common sense. However the Marxist (pseudonyms include Liberals, Progressives, Democrats) think only in terms of power for the elite. The masses are expendable slaves whose only purpose it to serve the elite; they cannot be allowed to think. .
Simple: -China gets Washington State and Oregon -Mexico gets California. -ISIS gets the islamic State of Minnesota, with Chicago as a bonus -The Soviet Socialist Republic is formed consisting ME, MA, VT, NH, DE, MD, DC, and New York City, The remaining Mainers are given 72 hours to vacate where not already eradicated by the colonists from Massachusetts -African-Americans are given the choice of becoming Americans or resettling in Africa. . -All Americans are expected to work to their ability; most Federal subsidies are eliminated.
Liberal, Progressive, and Democrat are all pseudonyms for Marxist; a system where where the State controls everything and every aspect of everyone's lives. The populace is enslaved to serve the elite.
Japan invaded China in 1933, staring WWII. But I agree that WWII was the continuation of WWI due to the Versailles treaty imposed by Liberals and idealists (not understanding how the real world works).
Only 25% of those attending community college complete a 2 year degree. I would guess the number for a 4 year college is less than 50%. Young people are burying themselves and their families into debt; some graduate, typically with worthless degrees. However developing critical thinking skills, the former purpose of college, is completely lacking. I stopped hiring people under the age of 35 years ago.
Obama is conflicted by the black flag of Islam and the red flag of Marxism.
A visible push should be made to get the union leadership to state if there priority is for jobs for those they claim to represent or to their blind allegiance to The Party
I likely would prefer no amendments be added (funding for planned parenthood, funding for Obama's post presidency world golf tour, endorsement of global warming, funding of gulags for anyone not a member of the Marxist party aka Democrat/Liberal/Progressive, etc. ) or anything else proposed that likely has nothing to do with the Keystone Pipeline.
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Lessons from Paris

J. Galt Wrote: Jan 13, 2015 3:19 PM
The lesson I learned is it is much more effective to kill the terrorist than arresting them and trying to understand them, and then blaming the victims; as it is done in the US. The terrorist attorneys have never brought a victim back to like, psychiatrists have never cured a sociopath (or child predator, sexual predator, serial killer etc).
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Church Gets the Boot by County Government

J. Galt Wrote: Jan 06, 2015 8:08 PM
Marxist (pseudonyms include Democrat, Progressive. Liberal) have no tolerance for worshiping anything but the Marxist State.
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