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(Lack Of) Truth And Consequences

J. Galt Wrote: Feb 15, 2015 10:19 AM
On must distinguish between Americans who are black and African-Americans. The latter are exempt from personal responsibility & suffering consequences from their actions just because.
Lets be fair, Valerie Jarretts primary allegiance is to Iran; Huma Abedin's primary allegiance is to the Muslim Brotherhood. No LIberals/Progressives/Democrats will survive the first year of the Muslim Conquest.
We will likely get to choose between a Leninist Marxist or a Stalinist Marxist.
Progressive, Liberal, and Democrat are all psuedonyms for Marxist. Additionally, the Democrat party is forever identified with the Obama Adminstration, aka the political are of the worldwide network of Islamic jihad...
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The View From The High Horse

J. Galt Wrote: Feb 08, 2015 8:49 PM
The Islamic extremist and their political arm (The Obama Administration), rejects the validity of any setback suffered by the never ending attempts of Islam to defeat/enslave the rest of the world by conquest: *the Defeat of the Sieges of Constantinople (674, 717) *The liberation of Jerusalem following the Muslim conquest aka The First Crusade *The Defeat of the Moors in Spain (1571) *The defeat of the Moors in France *the Defeat of the Ottomans invasion at Vienna (1683). T he historical Muslim technique through the millennia and still demonstrated today, is to kill almost everybody, enslave the rest.
One must understand the context. The Obama administration (and Democrat Party) is the Political wing of the world-side Islamic Terrorist network. This administration has given $2B the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt murder non-Muslims, $1B to Hamas via the Palestinian Authority to purchase rockets, $12B to Iran to finance its nuclear weapons program; just in the last 12 months. The administration and party have the shared goal of eliminating Israel, with the full support of American Liberal Jews.
I believe every car made my Government Motors has been recalled. Quality and Profitability have no place in the government model.
this was simply a direct transfer of taxpayer money to unions, union leaders and their politician sponsors. Same for the Stimulus bill, etc.
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Can Israel Survive?

J. Galt Wrote: Jan 29, 2015 9:54 AM
The Obama administration and Marxist in general (pseudonyms included Liberal, Progressive, Democrat) actively ally, support, and fund radical Muslim terrorist organizations such as Iran, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood (& their political arm CARE), and the Palestinian Authority (run by Hamas). They share the goals of Iran & ISIS. What such Marxist do not understand if they are the first group to be exterminated as there is not place for any form resistance or competition in the Islamic Caliphate. .
Illegal immigrants also have the right to be immune from any law and conduct any crimes they feel like without fear of prosecution or deportation by this administration.
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