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Candy Crowley Self-Destructs

J.F.2 Wrote: Feb 14, 2013 12:46 PM
Nothing gives rise to resolve in the righteous like the effects of hypocrisy. The people in media and government, who conspire to oppress the productive class to the benefit of those, who never have nor ever will contribute, should realize that the ones with the guns will always win. You should not be on the losing side of this one. May the rule of law prevail, and most fundamentally, the Constitution. The Obama administration is seeding the military's general grade officer class with sycophants, who are willing to betray their military oaths for his favor; nevertheless, it will not matter in the end. The rank and file as well as the officer Corp, including a majority of the general grade officers, detests the growing tyranny of those who a

Just how badly did CNN's Candy Crowley destroy her first (and hopefully last) attempt as a presidential debate moderator? More than 65 million people saw that she is to debate moderation as CNN is to "news."

Barack Obama made a fatal mistake when he lied, claiming he'd labeled the Libya attack as an act of terrorism. The look on Romney's face said it all: Mr. President, here comes checkmate.

Then Crowley leapt to Obama's defense, declared a lie a truth, changed the subject, and Obama was free.

It was a travesty.

Let's get beyond the perennial partisan toe-taggers Rachel Maddow...