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Stevens was there on orders from Obama running guns to the Lybian and Syrian rebels know as Al Qaeda. That's what Obama is trying so hard to keep hidden.
YES, IT HAS BEEN. Romney got fewer votes in 2012 than McLame did in 2008. The number of voters that stayed home or voted third party was greater than the total difference of votes between Romney and Obama. Had those people voted for Romney he would have won.
It's not a matter of "going along with the sheeple." Our family knows Romney personally from working on the 2002 Olympics with him, and we still didn't want him to be President. BUT WE KNEW what Obama was and still is doing to the country, and getting him out of office was the highest priority in our voting decisions.
To all those who are saying or implying that they will either sit out or vote third party in the November election because their candidate lost in yesterdays primaries, remember this. But for people like you Obama would not still be in office today.
These cases are always shopped to the most liberal judges possible to insure that those opposing the will of the people will win.
There are several places I go on a regular basis that have signs posted advertising themselves as "Gun Free Zones." If I'm carrying and need something from their business I go into these places anyhow because they don't know whether I'm carrying or not, and I certainly don't intend to tell them.
You fear the wrong people. Those of us who LEGALLY carry concealed weapons obey the laws and would have ZERO reason to shoot you unless you threatened us or someone we hold dear. The criminal class, who don't obey the law to begin with, are the ones you should fear. THEY are the ones who carry to "Compensate." Carrying a concealed weapon once saved my sister and nephew from being robbed and possibly worse. What was SHE trying to compensate for by carrying?
If we lose his senate seat to the Democrat in November because he was too power hungry to give it up we need to crucify this RINO piece of schit!!
Thank you for proving to the world that you're a puss who's terrified by a simple inanimate tool.
What I can't wait to see is the employees at one of these places yelling at the armed robbers that "You're not allowed to bring your guns in here." I'm sure the robbers would then change their minds and leave without finishing the robbery.
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