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certainly not you valor thief.
You are an idiot. Did the best part of you run down the crack of your mommas asssss?
rikker you cross dressing phaggot, what are you babbling about now? what did zero pull out early and spoil your fun?
Cross dressing J Edgar Hoovers the lot of them!
you are a lame POS. Have you always been this lame or did you grow in to it?
nah, he's in D.C. and got his tongue up barry soetoro's bum. Thats how is able to type and comment here at the same time that phag barry soetoro does him
What a POS and a liar.
determination or consensus is he has none
Looks like we have discussed zeros foreign policy to death. and the dtermi9nation is that he has no foreign policy except appeasement and standing with his muzzie rag head goat humping brothers as the winds have turned against them both.
Then why lie about it?
only because zero told him the cuffs will be off after this election.
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