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Is Senator Hagan Getting Nervous?

J.93 Wrote: Aug 14, 2014 10:25 PM
O care..that is what she stands for. High premiums, poor service, and lack of responsibility. vote Hagan -- you for for the continued ruin of USA.
Technically that would support the "No boots on the ground". These "dopes" are lawyers...and that is what they paid big money to be, LIARS.
Or..."Even tho we allowed the fire to start, we want credit for bringing a bucket"
Alaska..goes democratic, might as well shut down the oil wells.
The political ad from 6 years ago, Fibber Kay...rings so true today.
ah...what part of Iraq is left to have elections?
BINGO. she can be against him all she wants, but she is empowering Harry R. and that must end.
Liars, from the candidate down to the workers for the candidates..they are NOTHING but LIARS.
does not look like there is much to save (from the map). How does one say day late, dollar short in DC talk? Was it 2-3 weeks ago, the headline read, ISIS captures signifant US weapons, weapons that COULD Have been kept from them if calls for assistance 3 weeks to 3 MONTHS ago where answered. I fear that the "study and evaluation" period will COST MORE American lives.
I guess deductible meant more than deducing. Henry, by the way is correct, ( I beleive) it is all just one step to all on MEDICAID....and the sad event is THEY THINK THAT WILL WORK!.
She is a Liberal, and Democrat, supports Obama, Supports Reid, and by the way, is a LIBERAL. Vote for her and you are voting for REID and OBAMA, and MORE of their Agenda..very simple actually.
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