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Oh I remember, the you can keep your health car plan, you can save money, a red line in the sand.. which all implies, do or expect the opposite of what comes out of a LIberals mouth.
And Kansan's are stupid enough to accept this? Come Kansas...stand up and be counted, or you will forever be known as idiots
But of course he had no opinion on anything so why talk about anything at all, just vote withOUT poking the pig.
But of course he had no opinion on anything so why talk about anything at all, just vote with poking the pig.
Who to vote for, Kay voted for Obama "you can keep your Plan" care, told me my cost would go down $2500, I could keep my Dr. and supports the EPA in making my energy cost go up along with my water bill. 0r Tillis, who has lowered my income taxes, put a reign on the POC public schools (yes those poor teachers that now have to work a tad harder), but THEY ARE GETTING MORE MONEY, (maybe the POC school districts should fire administrators an hire more teachers... WHO to vote for....HMMM....guess it is time to vote OUT incumbents. cause the direction they have led us...quite frankly makes us look like a 3rd world country.
Donkeys can't wait to scr3w the voters, now they are showing they want to do it B4 the eyey...If Kansas so votes for Orman, Kansas deserve to blow away with the weeds.
WE have to make it a blowout.....Please vote for the CONSERVATIVE or your choice.
rules rules rules...what good are they?,,,so we can all break the rules in Florida...gonna be a boost for the defense attorney's.
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Bloomberg Pours Money Into Nunn Super PAC

J.93 Wrote: Oct 15, 2014 11:31 PM
Wow, Mom carries a 20 gage...down the street or in the back of the pick up? To get groceries, the mail, that must be a tough neighborhood. (how does one conceal a 20 gage?)
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