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Sharpton, DeBassio, O, you all now have blood on your hands...shame shame shame.
Katie, this is your forum, you should be calling for JUSTICE, where is the outrage, tragedy in this case is obvious, this is barbaric, and should demand justice, stronger words are needed here.
$60K waisted on these brats, and guess what, corporate america will greedily seek them out. No wonder the foreign ex pats in the country appear smarter, THEY ARE.
Sad that this is reported as joke, when the is so disgusting.
Well Matt, this was a pointless article, I hope you did not get paid for this.
Why give those idiot students an option, ship their A$$ out now...save our air for people that can make a difference.
As if this blowhard knows what he talking about. From my seat in the house, unless those that can do something now take a stand, the shining city on the hill, that O burned down.
By all means, don't let a bit of Communism elitism get in the way of shipping US goods, money, to further enrich the leader's pockets.... There should be NO, and NO means NO, aid to Cuba UNTIL they agree to: HOLD FREE ELECTIONS, PAY US TAXES.
If this was not so disgusting it would be funny. Parents, this is what your tuition is getting you..(and TAxpayers since tuition is SUBSIDIZED). Businesses, this is what the Universities are producing as YOUR FUTURE EMPLOYEES>..don't you feel PROUD. and UNIVERSITIES, I am going on RECORD that most if not ALL of your PROFESSORS SHOULD NOT HAVE JOB SECURITY...Tenure is a privilege not a RIGHT...and if I got control of UW MADISON or the UNC system, guess what, there would be new blood hired.
So, disallusion, O, says this is the route, those in power in Cuba, after getting the canary feathers off their mouths, say sure, but don;t count on it, and by the way, how is that working in China...Still Communist, still looking for expansions, (look out Africa, and South America,) (and maybe Siberia,) yes..Mr. B. O. how is that working for you in China...(and I am not referring to the Political Donations, I am referring to the HUMAN CONDITION).
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