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I thus recommend the US states that do NOT want O care, renounce their state hood and revert to territories.
Yes, WHY? I have wondered that for 6 years now..
good point, I missed the subtle change in terms, thus, investigate becomes the new sandline.
I apologize for those that have lost, but what is there to investigate? Russian made missile, fired from Ukrainian Territory, Russia/Separatist are Instigators, thus the trigger people...want to punish, shut Russia out of World Economy, Freeze all trade, Sanction Travel,(Europe, so sorry but it is the bed you made), and keep the pressure on until Restitution is made.
the ___________sand Line in the sand
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Iran nuke talks to be extended for 4 months

J.93 Wrote: Jul 19, 2014 7:06 AM
Translated...Iran needs more time before they perfect the system and tell us to kiss off.
Looks like another line in the sand to me.
West Virginians, I am so proud of you, for placing this liar in office. You could not have picked a better Liar......supports O, supports H, and support O care....now this...you wanted him, keep him.
Captain Oblivious...strikesagain. A real Class ACT..and I see Fox has the mental giant Sen Ayotte....wow...I feel so proud...and the US INTEL...NEWS>>> Plane shot down>>>.///what was the clue?
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