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Stop Criminalizing Parenting

J.93 Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 10:24 PM
So this is a Fox news poll eh...with that being said..Fox....fyi,,,(and your advertisers)...when you put Juan W. or Kirsten or James C on the air...the station goes OFF for the rest of the day...OFF I SAY. they should be on CNN, or MSNBC.
How about pointing out what the Dems truely beleive. https://www.americarisingpac.org/top-five-things-know-kay-hagan-d-nc/
about right.
How long before he is back out golfing or hob nobbing with the rich and infamous?
Don't worry, that speech today, and decaring war on ISIS...he'll bounce up, and Dems will win this fall and all will be right with the world (at least until the next screw up they do). All that is needed is another natural disaster and the spend everything we got and everything you got dems will be walking on air.
Let's see, O starts the fire then wants us to invest in O fire hoses and buckets....I say fire O and get some who knows how to keep fires from starting.
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Polling Analysis: Republican Wave in 2014?

J.93 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 6:46 PM
only if Repuplicans vote. but hey..Fibber Kay Hagan is lying her way back into office.
Captain Obvious in charge again.
I am not sure HOW this helps the DEMS unless the WH is admitting the voters are TOO ignorant to realize he is getting ready to do. OOPS...forgot, voters react and proact. WAKE UP people, this man is nothing more than a man, not royalty, etc. Just a common conniving Human.
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