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Ah, yes if you want to bring up history, the USS Constellation 1797 took that campaign to Tripoli...hence....
Red States should enact a BLUE STATE Transplant TAX.
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Sen. Pryor's Gutsy Pro-Obamacare Ad

J.93 Wrote: Aug 22, 2014 10:13 PM
Mr. Pryor, this does NOT explain the horrendous insurance premiums, the stupendous deductables, and the MANDATE.....Those are what Americans HATE. It is a Law with BAD CONSEQUENCES that the MIDDLE CLASS are going to go poor paying for.
By "news" I mean specifically the government acknowledging the terrorist are at War with us...This has been the case since World Tower 1 attack or earlier.
Glad that is out in the open...I cannot beleive that this is considered news....we have he OBVIOUS Family running the WH and GOV...and the Capt Obvious statements indicate to me...the USA is clueless.
All the MORE reason for every single person to VOTE. Don;t let Harry decide, let the PEOPLE decide.
Chicago...bigger problem....sir...
Sooo...turns out we cannot trust the government OR the insurance carriers..who would have thought.
No open Tee time.
In Britain, it would be vote of NO confidence..let's get a new parlament.
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