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Tillis -- reduced taxes, income and sales. Hagan -- increased taxes, income, estate, sales, whatever you can tax she raised. SIns of Raleigh apparently is letting citizens have their money. easy choice people..
and acceptable for a US Senator.....
And these have 1 thing in common, they are being run by the upstanding and proper principled Kay Hagan that does not know what an honest day's work is.
And, thus (Kay Hagan) is a fine example of the cr@p that we put in Washington. Yes folks, look no farther for a fine example of the reason DC has lowered itself into a cesspool...thank you Kay, you are the good example of the LOW LIFE we have in Washington...thank you
Yes, Why are we publishing voting results when the Polls have not CLOSED? I thought this was ILLEGAL....
AGREE...Like the Fleecing, comment...great work. And I guess we they want us to vote for some dirt too (ala Clay).
AGREE...Like the Fleecing, comment...great work.
Poor as dirt...yet living like royalty, and WHO's money is influencing whom? HYPOCRITE is Hillary's real name, along with Fibber Kay.. The looks like a make over from the Wizard of OZ...
I want a government JOB...where do I apply?
KEEP SAYING THIS>>>PLEASE>>Along with How she benefited from the Simulus bull (er bill).
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