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Matt, who cares? I do not.
Why do we need a bill, King Barry can simple decree. Congress is neutered already.
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Boehner's Gambit Fails

J.93 Wrote: 3 hours ago (9:09 PM)
HUH? What ever happened to a promise is a promise, and NO means NO..The REPUB need to make a stand, be bold and move on principle. If this is what they stand for, then they will be looking for work in 2 - 6 years...as I am not alone is WANTING AND DEMANDING GOVT be reigned in...
I guess these journalist DO NOT watch any recent Hollywood movies or some the TV-14 TV shows...
My words exactly, please explain to us what your real intentions are, if we are so wrong.
Interesting, apparently Rudi was much more right than wrong. Has the PRESS ever thought about what happens in CLOSED societies...are they willing to be TOLD WHAT TO WRITE no matter HOW WRONG>..I hope so, because that is what the PRESS is ENABLING.
The only thing this president loves is his ability to run amok with the laws of the country with NO resistance from the "free" press. These press corp briefings only seem to serve 1 purpose to reinforce the selfish notion of those involved that THEY are important, when in fact, that is so far from the truth TODAY, it is no longer debatable.
I agree, their voting record vote does NOT make any sense.
D-DAY HOW it could have been. General Eisenhower holds a press conference on 25 May 1944 to tell the press that they should be on the Normandy Beaches on 6 June because something Might happen. Fortunately this did NOT happen, and D-DAY despite the horrendous loss of life WAS A SUCCESS.
Treason, is what this seams like.
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