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You are not seriously suggesting that gay people influence the weather, are you? Or were the cause of the terrorist attacks? I don't want to be rude, but just for clarification: did you finish high school?
This is reading a lot like satire. You're joking, right? Please tell me you're joking.
So now I'm demon-possessed because I'm gay? What evidence do you have to support that accusation, may I ask? Or am I not allowed to ask questions? And I love this nation dearly, thank you very much. And I loved it under George W. Bush as well, even though he didn't think me worthy of the same dignity as my straight compatriots.
I'm a gay man currently in college and I'm learning biology, chemistry, advanced calculus, United States History, how to use an MRI machine, how to deliver effective scientific presentations, etc... I can't think of what else that would be other than an "academic agenda".
How? Since when? I'm gay and reality seems to be perfectly fine with me, so long as you exclude people who feel the need to make my life harder for being gay. But I am pretty good at staying out of their way, so I generally do pretty well.
Why is that a good reason to drop out?
So that he could die? Is that supposed to be funny? The murder of people who are gay or are assumed to be gay (often incorrectly, I'd imagine) around the world is a tragedy. Your taking it so lightly shows exactly the kind of person you are. And I bet you fancy yourself a good Christian, delighting in the suffering of others.
When we see heterosexual relationships in life and represented in the media, it's normal, and they're often the focus of entire stories (think romantic comedy movies). But when non-heterosexual relationships are acknowledged, they're being "shoved in your faces". These people are not talking about sex any more than you would be talking about sex if you mentioned that you were married or had kids, or thought that someone was attractive. None of those things are considered unacceptable by society, but if I, as a man, so much as hold hands with another man in public I'm completely violating everyone in a two-mile radius? If you can't see the double-standard there, you might want to get your vision checked.
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