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Report: House Members Seeking to Oust Speaker Boehner

Ivan70 Wrote: Dec 22, 2012 9:22 PM
Never in my life have I seen someone enter negotiations crawling on hands and knees. Until, that is, Boehner came along. Part of Boehner's problem, is that he regards Obama as a human being. When Obama is a ruthless monster. Much like GAYS play the victim, but are really the aggressors, so does Obama, and Boehner, out of some sense of decency fell for the trap, and went into the negotiations crawling!

As members prepare for the 113th Congress, several have been dissatisfied with Speaker Boehner's conduct: he's been accused of booting more conservative members off of major committees, and the abject failure that is "Plan B" seems to have been the final straw for some. Breitbart News reports that there's a plan circulating some offices intended to facilitate the election of a new Speaker of the House come January.

Several conservative House Republican members are contemplating a plan to unseat Speaker John Boehner from his position on January 3, Breitbart News has exclusively learned. Staffers have compiled...