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House to Vote on Fiscal Cliff Bill

Ivan70 Wrote: Jan 01, 2013 11:14 PM
this deal was made between Obnama and turn-coat Boehner weeks ago. All the action over the past days was just a charade to fool, 'we the people'. Americans are so easily fooled by their politicians, it is quite sickening!

House Speaker John Boehner presented two options to his members today—to make an amendment that would add a package of spending cuts to the bill, an extremely risky move, or vote to adopt the deal and send it along to President Obama. After determining there wasn’t enough support to amend the legislation, which passed 89-8 in the Senate, the House is moving forward with an up-or-down vote tonight.

The decision to move ahead with the Senate bill — which allows tax rates to jump to 39.6 percent on income over $450,000 — came after House Republicans internally...

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