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The Coming Romney Boom

Hitler also lied. He teamed up with big business and the churches, before turning on them. He suckered everybody, then showed his true colors. He blamed everyone else for his failures and those of the great German Race. He was a street rabble rouser and had done nothing in his life before he suddenly ascended to power. He fooled most everyone before he took the world to the brink. Read the Rise & Fall of the Third Reich. Hitler's tactics align so much closer to those of Obama and the Democrats. Joesph Goebbels would be proud of your distortions. Label it: "The GOP Problem".
If Mitt Romney is elected and secures Republican control of both houses of Congress, the U.S. could be poised for a vertiginous economic snapback.

To understand how, consider that the Democratic explanation for our current malaise is utterly fallacious. Mr. Obama and his allies identify the "Bush tax cuts," "two wars that weren't paid for," and "deregulation" as the causes of America's present economic doldrums. But federal outlays as a percentage of GDP under George W. Bush averaged 19.6 percent. Under Obama, spending has ballooned to 24.1 percent of GDP. Much of Bush's spending was temporary (the two wars, one of...