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Romney Needs to Defend Eastwood

Clint did sound old, but then I remembered that he's an actor. Did anyone, besides myself, thing that his broken, stammering delivery was an impression of the non-TelePrompTer assisted Obama? Clint did sound senile, but is was a satire of the real, unscripted idiot-in-chief. Academy Award?
geotay Wrote: Sep 02, 2012 10:54 AM
Hollywood probably won't even allow him into the awards ceremony any more.
I Still Want My Country Back Wrote: Sep 02, 2012 11:16 AM
Doesn't matter. He was spot on. You really never know when a great actor is acting.

By the why, Clint has a new movie. He acted and directed. The man still has plenty of gray matter in working order.
danadoolittle Wrote: Sep 02, 2012 2:10 PM
And I doubt if he will even care if they don't.

More than anything, what the just completed Republican convention showed is that Mitt Romney is an incredibly decent, moral, and honorable man.

It became abundantly clear as the convention went on that this man who much of the mainstream media unethically works overtime to paint as “cold,” “aloof,” or “out of touch with the common man” is anything but. Much of the country now knows that many Americans have been touched by his goodness and that he in turn has been touched and made better because of their struggles and triumphs.

Knowing that, and as this real Mitt...