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Gun Owners: Should We Listen to Bob Costas or Jesus Christ?

Grow up. What any responsible American wants is lawful elections. This means one man, one vote. This applies to every living law-abiding citizen of the United States of America. This does not apply to dead citizens or illegals and no one has the right to cast more than one vote. Every responsible American can certainly procure one piece of acceptable identification. I cannot purchase alcohol or tobacco without ID. I cannot drive without a drivers license. You are an ignorant fool! Don't waste our time with your drivel. We get enough of that from Obama, Rice, the Clintons, Reid, Pelosi, unions and MSNBC.

As most of you know, during a football game last week Bob Costas lectured us po’ goofy Americans about the evils of a “gun culture” and how we need to evolve away from being obsessed with firearms. As soon as I heard that drivel roll off Mr. C’s tongue I ordered another 30/06, a sweet Walther PPK and a custom .416 Rigby turnbolt. Cowabunga, Bob. Thanks for reminding me to buy more guns.

First off, let me help you, Robert: Guns do not kill people. Dads with daughters do. Oh, and BTW, Planned Parenthood kills a lot of people...