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"Sieg Heil", HHS Secretary shouted as her dear Fuehrer entered the House Chambers to give his State of the State address.
Congress has become Hitler's Reichstag. They either bow to their Fuehrer or fear the repercussions of dissent. The media are his Brownshirts and people either raise their arms and say "Heil" or are beaten down by the IRS. Our country has already been transformed into a perverted cartoon of what it's meant to be.
Won't waste my time. O'Reilly is all talk and will go easy on his buddy Barry. His toughest question will be how the team losing at halftime can come back in the 2nd half.
Like Hitler, Obama has found himself the leader of a large country. Like Hitler, Obama's only accomplishment was writing a book of grievances. Like Hitler, Obama very much dislikes dissent and will find ways to punish his enemies. Like Hitler making the Reichstag irrelevant, Obama is actively working to do the same with our Legislative Branch. Like Hitler, Obama used the banks and other corporations to gain power and then turned on them. Like Hitler, Obama has his own propaganda machine, not Goebbels, but his media allies. Like Hitler, the end won't be pretty: Fast & Furious, the IRS, NSA, Benghazi, Syria, Iran. Momentum is building for a fall.
Another Grand Slam for Dr. Sowell.
I never liked him due to the content of his character. On the other hand, I have the utmost respect and admiration for Thomas Sowell, Dr. Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain. These men became successful via perseverance and hard work; they are the role models missing from the lives of many young Americans.
Education, work ethic, family values and the ability to speak the English language are not "white-only" traits. That's a message that needs to be communicated in inner-city America.
If that's who New Yorkers are, that is, they elect men of this low caliber to run and represent their state, then NY can go to Hell.
Unions and their support of liberal politicians and their philosophy have been killing companies and the jobs they create for decades. Detroit is on life support, but the manufacturing plants and supplier factories that fed them have long since closed down. The UAW really showed the Big 3; especially GM and Chrysler. For the unions, it's not been about working conditions, wages or jobs for years. It's about membership and dues; that's the lifeblood of the union bosses. Let's buy the politicians that pass laws to protect the interests of union bosses.
There's nothing affordable about the ACA. All or most Americans that previously had health insurance will see their premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses increase at a rate greater than before Obamacare was implemented. Those receiving a full ride or any subsidy will do so at the expense of taxpayers, many of whom won't be born for decades. When it all blows up, the government will take control and dole out health to all. It will be fair and it will be terrible. Obama is destroying this country, like Hitler destroyed Germany. He is usurping power from Congress, like Hitler did to the Reichstag. Obama is the new Fuhrer. Why are we letting this happen? If we don't take the Senate and keep the House, the United States is finished. It's on us all. We will have allowed the downfall of one of the greatest nations in the history of the world. Obama must go! Impeach him!
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