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Isn't it how the president says he'll get to the bottom of this, yet never quite gets there? The blew it and 4 American's died because they were incompetent, apathetic and just plain stupid.
Brilliant! Provide anti-aircraft missiles to enemies that wouldn't think twice about using them against American passenger jets.
Impeach Obama now. I really do want my country back.
I hope the Navy is awake. A U. S. aircraft carrier with jet fighters and 5000 sailors and airmen makes a juicy target in the Persian Gulf area. If an attempt is ultimately tried, we need to sink the Iranian Navy.
Emulate Dr Carson, America.
I was born on November 15, 1963, obviously much too young to remember The Beatles on February 9, 1964. I grew up on The Beatles music, though it was after they had already broken up. Yeah, yeah, yeah the hair shocked the adults, but it truly was the music and The Beatles personalities that made them so relevant, even today. They conquered the world in seven years, but then got married, had families and died just like everyone else. I think it was the times they started to take themselves too seriously when they turned people off.
Dr. Carson, I have admired you long before the National Prayer Breakfast. You represent all that is great about this country. Your mother gave you the upbringing necessary to succeed and you have seized upon the opportunity to do great things. I understand that you really do not desire to reside in The White House, yet that is precisely why we need you to seriously consider a run. George Washington didn't want the office either, yet he is called the "Father of our Country". As with the years immediately following the end of the Revolutionary War, we are now vulnerable and on the verge of collapse. We need a great, yet humble man to guide this nation back to the path our Founders blazed so many years ago.
We are now wasting our time in Afghanistan. Obama announced our intention to leave to the Taliban. Karzai is a dead man as soon as we leave; in obstructing our efforts to snuff out the Taliban, he thinks the Taliban will commute his death sentence. Keep dreaming Harmid.
How about Kenya, Benghazi, Tehran or maybe Atlantis?
Bubbles always pop. One's created by this bubble gum president will be sticky and difficult to remove when it finally bursts in every direction.
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