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The WMDs are in Syria, courtesy of the Russians. We toppled Saddam and shows the world that he was nothing. Unfortunately, we expected too much of the Iraqi people. We gave them the opportunity for a better life but they chose Islam over Freedom. The United States is not an imperial power and we usually try to do the right thing. But like in Vietnam, the liberals jumped shipped and hurt our chances go succeed by highlighting our failures and criminalizing our troops.
And don't spend Father's Day weekend with a gay man and his partner. Most dads just don't do that.
A precedent has been set by our President; leave no man behind. It's time for The Marines to launch an assault on the Mexican jail holding Tahmooressi. Use helicopter gunships, Harriers and surprise to accomplish the mission. Take no prisoners except the one being tortured. At the conclusions, impeach obama's sorry rear and begin the mass deportation of all illegals. Shut the border. Seal the border. Tell American companies that we will not import products made in Mexico. Give Cuba some company.
Carson/West in 2016 Carson for his common sense approach to the most pressing domestic issues, West for his take no s**t approach to our nations enemies. And it doesn't hurt that they serve as potential role models to black Americans so in need of a non-sharpton, non-Jackson, non-Obama, non-holder and non-gangsta role model.
The Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Shuttle astronauts didn't risk their hides to let the Russkies and Chinese take over in space. We need a new President, Senate and House to bring back this country from ruin.
Grissom, White, Chaffee, the Challenger 7 and Columbia's crew are spinning in their graves.
Good. This only proves that Democrats are more interested in covering the skinny and fat backsides of Obama and Clinton, respectively. The Party first over country. If there's a decent Democrat in Congress, he or she will step forward and say my constituents want the truth, I work and answer to them alone, not to the president, not to the Democrat Party and most certainly, not to the representative of the San Francisco area.
Thomas Jefferson said to question with boldness even the existence of God. His point was that you could then formulate arguments to support your beliefs, especially against those who might ridicule those beliefs. Better to be armed with facts than to simply say because so and so said so or I saw it in a book. Challenge Holocaust deniers by a asking them whether Slavery really happened.
If you read Doug Giles on a regular basis, you would understand that he is being sarcastic and making a commentary on our culture today. People don't care about what's really important, but rather obsess about celebrities and their lifestyles. Trust me, Mr. Giles is on your side. If you don't like his style, simply don't read his pieces. As for me, he's one of my favorites on Townhall, but so too are Thomas Sowell, Derek Hunter, Dr. Carson and Kurt S.
Kind of brings tears to your eyes, doesn't it? But this is the kind of street rhetoric we can expect to hear for the next two and a half years. Sadly, it's the level to which the president has sunk as he helplessly watches the world's greatest economy fall into disrepair. You act like this type of rhetoric is new to this man. His insults, by the way, are so impressive. Is this man 9 years old?
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