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Speaking of Reagan, I can remember one great example of his skill connecting with people. On the night of the Challenger explosion he spoke to the nation. As he was concluding, he said I want to now speak to the children that are watching... He then went on to explain how bad things happen, but that it was the price paid for attempting to do great things. It wasn't so much what he said, but rather the fact that he acknowledged children who needed comforting words. If only we had someone to show that kind of "humanness" today.
Take out the Mosques during prayers, I mean indoctrination. If these kids want to fight or die for their dear leader, grant their wish. Better them, than American kids that just want to grow up. These animals will kill us all if given the opportunity. Just watch the video and listen to their words. Ignore these warnings at your own risk and the lives of your families.
We ignored bin laden's declaration of war in the 90s and this brought us 911. ISIS has again stated similar intentions in simple & plan terms. If I were President, I would launch Shock & Awe 2. The highway of death would look like a field day. It's time to utilize our military assets and destroy an enemy in the making. Let others join ISIS, we can take them out too. The caliphate is a pipe dream in a civilized world. Let the world criticize this strategy like they criticize the Israelis, I have no desire to see my country turn into the Middle East or North Africa. By the way, if this doesn't wake up our elected officials to seal the borders and deport the illegals, we are really that stupid and don't deserve the blessings of liberty.
Obama must go. The Senate needs to go back to the state legislatures as originally prescribed in The Constitution. The House needs to return to the people. To hell with the political parties. It's the people's business that matters, not that of Democrats and Republicans. The wisdom of the Founders is so much greater than that of the likes of Wilson, Johnson, Clinton, the Bushes, most certainly Barry Hussein Soerrento Obama or Supreme Court lightweights like Ginsburg, Kagan, Stevens, Kennedy or Sonya.
But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government.. -The Declaration of Independence
The WMDs are in Syria, courtesy of the Russians. We toppled Saddam and shows the world that he was nothing. Unfortunately, we expected too much of the Iraqi people. We gave them the opportunity for a better life but they chose Islam over Freedom. The United States is not an imperial power and we usually try to do the right thing. But like in Vietnam, the liberals jumped shipped and hurt our chances go succeed by highlighting our failures and criminalizing our troops.
And don't spend Father's Day weekend with a gay man and his partner. Most dads just don't do that.
A precedent has been set by our President; leave no man behind. It's time for The Marines to launch an assault on the Mexican jail holding Tahmooressi. Use helicopter gunships, Harriers and surprise to accomplish the mission. Take no prisoners except the one being tortured. At the conclusions, impeach obama's sorry rear and begin the mass deportation of all illegals. Shut the border. Seal the border. Tell American companies that we will not import products made in Mexico. Give Cuba some company.
Carson/West in 2016 Carson for his common sense approach to the most pressing domestic issues, West for his take no s**t approach to our nations enemies. And it doesn't hurt that they serve as potential role models to black Americans so in need of a non-sharpton, non-Jackson, non-Obama, non-holder and non-gangsta role model.
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