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Obama ISO Idiots

isoidiots Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 10:11 PM
In Search of Idiots: Lurita Doan has it backwards. It is Right-Wing politicians who are in search of (ISO) idiots to accept the austerity program of the Ryan Budget and its road map to the poor house. If anything the Democrats have been ‘conservative’ about maintaining the New Deal Programs of FDR. It is the Right-Wingers who want to change the social contract from ‘we are all in this together’ to ‘you’re on your own.’ Right-Wingers are constantly looking for someone, the ‘other’, to blame for our troubles. They attack government as part of the problem when it supports welfare recipients, unions, immigrants, gays, and other downtrodden groups. They attack government when it attacks corporations and demand higher taxes rates on the ....
isoidiots Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 10:11 PM
...wealthy. For the Right, government is truly the problem not the solution. Yet when they are in charge of government, they work to purposely sabotage it and then claim it does not work effectively. That is the future vision the Right has in store for us. The Right-Wingers are in search of idiots to believe trickle-down economics will grow the economy by giving more tax breaks to the wealthy. The extreme cuts in the Romney-Ryan budget will be catastrophic. Pell grants, aid to needy families, Medicaid, environmental protections, food stamps, unemployment insurance will all be gone. The Right is truly in search of idiots to support the end of federal redistributive programs that support low-income families, provide children with health ...
isoidiots Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 10:12 PM and early education, reward the work of low earners, making college more affordable, and in general help citizens get ahead. Romney-Ryan are privileged members of the economic elite without a clue about what it is like to struggle and do not care. Yet they believe the average Joe and Jane will go alone with their austerity programs. The Right is in search of idiots who believe more wealth and tax breaks for the wealthy will guarantee more freedom for working and middle class families. That is why it is the Right who are in constant search for idiots. iso

President Obama's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention was scary.

What Americans heard is a thinly disguised plan to continue with an effort to further the addiction of American voters to government subsidies, aid and handouts. Every person in the nation should already understand that our government has made promises that it cannot afford to honor. Yet, our president, incredibly, advances ideas that would expand entitlements at the very time when a rising debt and 4 years of shameful $1 trillion dollar annual deficits have eroded American prosperity.

Mr. Obama’s only plan, it seems, is to continue looting...