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Post Convention Thoughts

ISignFred48 Wrote: Sep 11, 2012 7:41 PM
The President has the same problem that Socialist/Communist governments always have. They promise the people that, if elected, they will give them something that is not theirs to give. Then they find out that the people that have it are not willing to give it to them so the government can be the hero. The right way to redistribute wealth is through COMMERCE that happens every payday; not with a once-per-year, but spread out, disbursement from Uncle Sam. If Obama succeeds in getting this change/revolution done, what he has promised will no longer exist, having been destroyed in the revolution. By then, anything left will belong to a foreign power. This is serious.
The conventions are finally over. This week, Congress is back in session. One would hope that that would mean it’s policy time, not politics time in Washington. Unfortunately, that hope is just as vain as President Obama’s hope to lower the seas. The politicking will only intensify as we get closer to Election Day.

Neither convention was a huge success. The Republican National Convention was, like their presidential candidate, perfectly competent but uninspiring.

But at least they had competence. The Democrats had procedural chaos, inclement weather, security issues, and some notably embarrassing speeches, particularly that of former...