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Obama's Same Old, Same Old

ISignFred48 Wrote: Sep 08, 2012 8:33 AM
Tax raisers never understand that raising taxes changes taxpayer behavior and things are done to pay less. It is simple; lowering taxes is like having a sale on income. When a store lowers prices for a sale, they do not lose money. The math is done so that less profiit per sale increases revenue because there are more sales. Lowering taxes allows taxpayers to make more money and then revenue increases with a lower rate on more money.

Perhaps the reason for President Obama's flat and energy-less speech Thursday night -- TV cameras panning the convention floor actually showed delegates falling asleep -- was that he already knew Friday's jobs numbers were going to be a disaster. The August unemployment report completely punctured his argument that if you just give him four more years, his policies will solve the economy.
Of course, reading through the speech, I didn't see the word "jobs" mentioned once. In fact, though I could be wrong, I didn't see the word "growth" mentioned once.
What I did see were constant references...