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I am so damned sick of hearing the same thing over and over-it is "shocking," "troubling," "bothersome," that the IRS could do this. When is this woman, and others, going to be arrested? Now it seems she is guilty of reading someone else's mail. No doubt that will be troubling, shocking and bothersome as well. Above the law...as always.
I am looking forward to much more of that!
Considering the tragic events this morning, it is particularly ironic that the House Appropriations Committee failed to support an FY 2015 budget for the A-10. For more than a year, we have been listening to Air Force leadership defend their decision to retire the A-10 fleet-an aircraft and community that lives and breaths the troops-in-contact (TIC) scenario. Yet they argue that other aircraft, including the B-1B, can effectively and safely meet the needs of the foot soldier in a close contact engagement. Opponents to the retirement of the A-10 have consistently made the point that the retirement of the aircraft could cost the lives of American soldiers either through lack of an available CAS platform or through lack of adequate training. Dropping a GPS guided weapon from a slant range of 6 miles is not the same as looking through the front windscreen with your gun cross stabilized squarley in the middle of a group of people trying to kill friendlies who may very well be only 50 meters away. Considering the long known lack of commitment by Air Force leadership to the close air support mission, I wonder how todays tragedy will register.
My thoughts exactly.
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The Anti-Gun Tyranny of the ATF

Isgau8 Wrote: May 14, 2014 5:01 PM
Correct. Though if they fear an armed citizen, they better take their meds because I can't even begin to imagine how outnumbered the combined enforcement divisions are. That said, this would assume that all armed citizens are on the same page. Let us hope so.
I expect that Gowdy will do a fine job as he has a history as an effective prosecutor. Having watched some of his commentary during other hearings, it is a good bet that his fangs will be out fro this.
Hillary threw care for only four americans out the window and lied about it. I hope to see this incompetent, narcissistic, back-stabbing administration held to account accordingly. It is hard to be bi-partisan with a party whose members have values rooted firmly with the likes of Stalin and Che.
Peace at any cost. The way of the socialist democrat.
Otherwise known as the "Do as I say" or the "We will State your intentions" conference.
Sarcasm noted-mind intact. So it would ave been better to leave well alone and not to have provided Stingers to the Mujahideen? They were getting slaughter by Hind Ds from the air and the Stingers successfully countered that threat. Was this not a form of "reaching out?" When the Russians left after years of brutal gorilla warfare, we did little to assure any sort of cohesiveness among the various brands of Mujahideen throughout the country. With the backing of Pakistan, the Taliban solved this and at least stopped fighting each other thus allowing people like bin Laden to thrive. Frankly, evidence shows that now matter what we do, good or bad, segments of this culture will always endeavor to kill westerners. The rest will continue to sit idly by as it happens.
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