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I agree. It is not necessary to be mean to the communist left when they have supplied so much with which we can critisize. Yet republicans routinely (and will again the next presidential election) lack the courage to use that info to highlight the true nature of the democrat.
The moronic BS this administration comes up with is amazingly limitless. That said, when national sovereignty is of no import, then statements like this are of little surprise.
I have not been a big advocate of the impeachment rhetoric, but if he actually pulls the trigger on this I will change my mind.
We had a simlar incident at a range near my home about ten years ago. Except in that case, the boy shooting the automatic was killed when the gun (predictably) walked the muzzle into his head. Letting a child shoot an automatic weapon was stupid then too. Not only is the instructor dead, this little girl, through no fault of her own, is going to carry around this emotional scar for the rest of her life. Let us hope that she is able to deal with it. I am an avid gun owner and shooter and it infuriates me how stupid some fellow gun owners can be. If you are teaching a youngster how to shoot, perhaps caution should be applied when you think-”hey kid, want to see something really cool?”
“The potential for armed mischief is thus perhaps greater in the District of Columbia than in any other American city.” There lies the real issue-to the communist left (aka democrats), it matters not if the person legally in possesion of the weapon is not a criminal. The simple presence of a firearm changes the personality of the individual inevitably leading to nefarious behavior. The rampant arrogance of the left marches onward.
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Suicide By Stupidity

Isgau8 Wrote: Jul 31, 2014 7:57 AM
Sarah Palin is interested in one agenda-Sarah Palin. While I share her opinion of the president, it is a matter of tactics. Impeachment is a short game. Winning elections is a long game. I would like to see the incompetent, narcissistic, back-stabber of a president embarrassed as much as anyone. Though I would prefer it be via the displacement of the communist party from every branch of government by the voting hand of the public. One can hope.
Senator Jordan wants a probe into these "new" Lerner e-mails? Were we not already doing that? I would enjoy watchimg this woman be placed in handcuffs and taken to prison where she belongs. Though all we will get from "investigative" commitees are more adjective salvos like "shocking," "outrageous," and "troubling." People like Lerner are exceedingly dangerous. The american people ignore them (and vote for them) to their peril. But at least the right person won on American Idol last night.
I am so damned sick of hearing the same thing over and over-it is "shocking," "troubling," "bothersome," that the IRS could do this. When is this woman, and others, going to be arrested? Now it seems she is guilty of reading someone else's mail. No doubt that will be troubling, shocking and bothersome as well. Above the law...as always.
I am looking forward to much more of that!
Considering the tragic events this morning, it is particularly ironic that the House Appropriations Committee failed to support an FY 2015 budget for the A-10. For more than a year, we have been listening to Air Force leadership defend their decision to retire the A-10 fleet-an aircraft and community that lives and breaths the troops-in-contact (TIC) scenario. Yet they argue that other aircraft, including the B-1B, can effectively and safely meet the needs of the foot soldier in a close contact engagement. Opponents to the retirement of the A-10 have consistently made the point that the retirement of the aircraft could cost the lives of American soldiers either through lack of an available CAS platform or through lack of adequate training. Dropping a GPS guided weapon from a slant range of 6 miles is not the same as looking through the front windscreen with your gun cross stabilized squarley in the middle of a group of people trying to kill friendlies who may very well be only 50 meters away. Considering the long known lack of commitment by Air Force leadership to the close air support mission, I wonder how todays tragedy will register.
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