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This is Christie pandering to every possible voter-even the stupid ones. He, along with the isolationst whack job Rand Paul, are officially off my candidate radar.
I think Barack Obama is an incompetent narcissistic back-stabber who could not effectively plan and execute a Girl Scout bake sale let alone the office of the president. Do not miss understand him. In his view, he is not trying to take away our freedoms. As he is of the opinion that government’s role is to manage freedoms rather than to protect them, he endeavors to do so with ever greater reaches from the executive branch. He is Constitutional scholar? By that metric, I would be on the precipice of solving cold fusion by the simple act of screwing in a light bulb. BO views the Constitution a rights restricting document. He by no means cares that the true intent of the document is to restrict government thereby protecting the rights of the people. This is why he looks wantonly to countries like Cuba, Venezuela and many countries in Europe where the daily lives of people are managed if not entirely dictated. While we would like to take comfort in the belief that ha, and many others, are the sole villains in this endeavor, we need only to look in the mirror for the truly guilty. We continue to put people like BO into elected office at all levels of government from local to federal. While republicans rail against the president and his allies, they are frankly not much of a better choice. The high office of Congress or the Oval seems to change people into legislative automatons. We have been elected; we must now pass legislation without regard for the long term consequences. Nancy Pelosi is far from the only person that doesn’t read bills prior to voting on them.
People like Jett are unable to separate policy from the military that implements it. As always, the likes of Jett are quick to criticize and apply their moral (an intellectual) superiority in their frequent "analysis" of our men and women in the armed services. Killing the enemy in large numbers? What would he prefer? Sending James Taylor as a weapons system? Sure as hell people like Jett would pee down their leg at the very thought of the challenges that exist in a military training environment like special ops. Not to mention the fact that their biggest complaint would be that they can’t get their soy milk tea with a whisper of Madagascar cinnamon on A day of the war. As to the ROE, Kyle’s assessment of it is not too far off. I flew A-10s in Iraqi Freedom and remember an occasion over Al Asad airfield where we could easily see a large number of armored vehicles/tanks in revetments. Since the day was rather quiet we still had a full complement of weapons. I made a request to destroy some of the vehicles knowing full well that they could still be used against coalition forces. Shortly after this was request was denied, we were asked to clear the kill box so an F-16 could drop a GPS guided weapon on a MIG-25 that lacked a tail section. Brilliant I thought. Sometime later, we learned that there was an objective of not completely destroying the military infrastructure/equipment so that it could be re-generated in the “new” Iraq. The munitions from these spared vehicles would later be used to kill hundreds of coalition soldiers. That is the kind of ROE that Kyle is referring to in his book. The kind that gets people killed for some BS PC warm fuzzy 7000 miles away. I was long stateside when those roadside bombs started going off. I would think about that day over Al Assad every time an image of a destroyed Humvee was shown on TV.
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VIDEO: A Lie Exposed?

Isgau8 Wrote: Nov 14, 2014 6:13 PM
Two theories? How about being completely insane? I am going with that.
Dead on. Republicans always miss oportunities for exactly that.
I agree. I fear this is the stage of the election season when republicans snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by doing stupid stuff like this. If they can't beat a self-serving egocentric like Crist, they can't beat anybody.
Considering the upward vector of local, state and federal taxes, it might one day be middle class.
I agree. It is not necessary to be mean to the communist left when they have supplied so much with which we can critisize. Yet republicans routinely (and will again the next presidential election) lack the courage to use that info to highlight the true nature of the democrat.
The moronic BS this administration comes up with is amazingly limitless. That said, when national sovereignty is of no import, then statements like this are of little surprise.
I have not been a big advocate of the impeachment rhetoric, but if he actually pulls the trigger on this I will change my mind.
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