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Oh people of faith, what morons.
Its own, and it happens all the time. We used to leave extra babies out in the snow to freeze to death. Too many mouths to feed.
Destroy his work RR? What do you think LW's husband does for a living? He blows things up when he isn't killing people.
A few more days yet.
Yes I'm sure those babies of the enemies of the Jews were truly evil? Is that right there LW?
Turn the other cheek and pray for your enemies MA. He's your god, not mine.
Pro-life means "innocent" like? Care to check with the Pope on that?
I said you were close to my age MA, not exact. As for the other two, your doubt is no better than your think.
Ah, now there's that Christian attitude I live for.
No human is pure evil, some are just more dedicated than others.
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