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avallas: Would you kindly support your inference with some evidence?
Skytroope6: There is no created philosophy regarding secularism--: Matthew Chapter 6 verse 24--Jesus said--"No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God And mammon (man)". This is telling us that either we are believers or we or not believers. With God there is no middle ground, it's either or. Secularism is lack of Godly influence and if that is what one follows it's that person's religion. Actually, I believe the courts have indicated that secularism is indeed a religion. The world becomes that person's God, the one they trust and follow. We're not zealots, we put our faith and trust in Jesus.
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TSA: Carcinogenic Petting Zoo

Isaiah26three Wrote: Aug 13, 2012 12:34 PM
Facts please? Who started it? Who wrote up the bill? Who voted on it and who approved it? Thank you.
He knows nothing--only that he wants green energy instead--that is his utopia. Ob believes the coal industry is contributing to global warming and pollution. I heard him say very early on, that he will put major restrictions on the industry that they will have to shut down--we have had three oil refineries close and the coal industry has taken a huge hit. 50% of this nation runs on coal and to lose this valuable resource would pose a huge financial burdon on America. Ob wants green energy, you know like the ones that our money sponsored and now have gone belly up? He also wants to do away with wood burning and to control our thermostats so we can only use x amount of fuel whether we're cold or too hot.
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The Little Red Sound Bite

Isaiah26three Wrote: Aug 05, 2012 8:29 PM
Anthony--don't forget the second-hand cigarette smoke deaths--10,000 a year, and that is an old statistic! So-o-o do you think we'll see ob doing away with smokes? I doubt it--The problem is that gun deaths are high-profile and the others are not. It all depends on what the papers are told to report on.
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Obama's Little Red Phrase

Isaiah26three Wrote: Jul 30, 2012 1:06 PM
Do you think it might have been a "paid" bussed-in crowd with their hands out?
Independents are smart enough to figure this out for themselves. We're smart enough to realize that unions and bad policies have destroyed America. Unions started out in communist countries--"workers unite" and "forward"--are just some of their battlecries--look it up for yourself and see who the Nazis are. I don't like my money going to unions and the Democratic party. This country has been run into bankrupcy and we're not listening to you anymore! That's why people are targeting the policies that are ruining this nation. ob has to go along with the marxists in the WH.--they have NEVER succeeded in running a prosperous country because they ruin business and run the people into poverty while living like kings themselves.
to keep everything going. Then comes obamacare with it's 17 new taxes, higher food costs, reduction in Medicare and a lot of salaries followed by "death panels in the healthcare bill that will take care of people over 70 by not treating them if their non-medical panels don't think they can contribute anything to society or the cost is too high. After that comes the millions of abortions of babies who could have been producing throughout the years, paying taxes and into S/S----Who do we really have to blame? This didn't happen overnight. America has set the stage for political figures to feed our greed.
Workers are also to blame--striking for more of everything. I remember an Uncle who worked at the steel getting 12 weeks paid vacation every year. Having been in business, I can say this: People don't seem to understand that any producing business has a maximum amount of money it can make through the sale of their products. Prices have to be competitive, if one isn't willing to do that, then they have to eat the loss or close. Most of the jobs that are unionized are government jobs paid for by our taxes--if the workers and unions demand more, we are the ones who have to dig deeper into our pockets. So if 15% of the nation is on welfare, a huge percentage are on un-employment and disability, 1% are the rich, that leaves the rest
That's probably why the military is being trained to not shoot warning shots, but to kill civilians instead. We're talking Martial Law, containment camps and psychological re-education. Metal detecting devices, chips in weapons, heat sensing units, drones and one of the latest items I read, local police buying up unused military equipement including tanks. And don't forget, the military in MO practicing driving army tanks through city streets. When one hears a President say that it doesn't matter if Congress passes a law or not, he'll just sign an executive order, there doesn't seem to be any reason to trust that administration because they are capable of anything.
It takes practice and hard work to write objectively. It seems that views from the middle incorporating both sides of the story have become a thing of the past. We have become so polarized that it has become articles from one side or the other. Also, writing was supposed to reflect researched facts with references to back it up.
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