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Wasn't Margaret Sanger from Europe and the instigator of Planned Parenthood? Didn't she work in ugenics? She did not like black people and this was a way of targeting them and others she considered to be lesser groups of people? Planned Parenthood is still most active in lower socio-economic areas. What they have done is pure evil--Blacks should re-direct their attention to that organization instead of towards white society--what happened regarding slavery took place a long time ago, but this murder of innocent babies, and if they have their way, girl bablies, is going on right now.
If Catholics were taught to read their Bibles and to understand scripture they would have an understanding of the Book of Revelation and therefore, would recognize the danger we're in. They would know the signs of the times, the mark of the Beast and the anti-Christ. Not knowing who the enemy is, is our country's biggest danger. Most Catholics are sincere people and in general, good people--they need to get past sticking to their party and realize that it is no longer the party of the past.
To Amity: If Barak's name is Barry Soetoro, it would be true that LoLo adopted Barry and enrolled him in a muslim school as a muslim. Now, If Barry was adopted by Soetoro, would that or would that not make OB an Indonesian citizen and a foreigner? Was he or was he not enrolled in college as a foreign student? If so, why is he still in the Presidential race?
To Marie 150: Right. This is why it is so important for all people to read their Bibles and trust on the HolySpirit to reveal the scriptures to them. To be ignorant of scripture is to be ignorant of Truth.
To Marie 150: Not every other church my friend.
To Richard 191: Exactly! Democrats favor large controlling government; Republicans favor a government controlled by the people. We do NOT have a democracy in America, it's a Republic! Many nations in turmoil are democracys--that word meaning "social equality" like you said. That IS one of the basic tenants of communism along with "taking care of the Earth; sharing the wealth; unions, remember "workers unite" which was their cry; control of production, food and in general, all aspects of their citizens lives all in the name of "fairness" Sound familiar?
To Joseph 64: I just heard, on the radio, that there will be a 2 hour Muslim prayer time at the DNC. I wonder how that sets with the professing Christians in the Democratic party? How does it make America feel to have God's time usurped by a foreign religion? Suppose it were, say, a Christian Evangelical joyful, worshiping service--I think the separation proponants would not take it very lightly. The dual standards of this administration are questionable.
Joseph 64: I remember Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. We watched him every week. He was full of the Holy Spirit and truly a man of God. He spoke the truth with wisdom and authority--we were sad when he left the program.
Hmmmm--How about our Bill of Rights?
avallas: Would you kindly support your inference with some evidence?
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