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The D-Word

Isahiah Wrote: Apr 25, 2013 3:02 PM
Money talks- these BS artists have been coached on how to SCAM our screen processes- just think- here is a family claiming to be persecuted by Muslims and yet they are MUSLIMS!!!!! The Dad is a Muslim fighter against Russia- it's our own stupidity killing us- our own unwillingness to REMOVE these people and make sure NO MORE of them come here- USA does not need more people anymore- for any reason- if they are Muslims let them go to a Muslims country for sanctuary and handouts- DUMP all Democrats, the Republicans have proved the are like- minded and deserve NO VOTES from any of us

Deportation has become a near-taboo word. Yet the recent Boston bombings inevitably rekindle old questions about the way the U.S. admits, or at times deports, foreign nationals.

Despite the Obama administration's politically driven and cyclical claims of deporting either a lot more or a lot fewer non-citizens, no one knows how many are really being sent home -- for a variety of reasons.

There are not any accurate statistics on how many people are living in the United States illegally. And how does one define deportation? If someone from Latin American is detained by authorities an hour after illegally crossing the...