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"People on the Ground": The RNC's Strategy To Reach New Black Voters

Isahiah Wrote: May 05, 2013 1:47 PM
The African Americans are not alone in needing an education in the TRUTH about HISTORY- the R's- always pro civil rights- abortion- planned by eugenicists and is a genocide on more black children than white,D championed welfare, the housing loans and collapse of same, joblessness-- has harmed AA's disproportionately- Someone has to stand up to race baiters, demolish the professionals by showing they are corrupt liars for money- we need to encourage people to stand for their values and not be bullied by others of the same race who brand one Uncle tom or worse for daring to disagree- bravery in the face of those bullies- end gerrymandering - stop redlining black communities so they are insured of corrupt reps in CON gress- send/post vids...
Isahiah Wrote: May 05, 2013 1:49 PM
of Alonzo Rachel's ZONATION
to your friends
Listen to Breitbart- he knew facts will never be enough- you have to capture the COOL kids- the celeb vibes- make it HIP to be R-
MAKE THE GOP an alternative to the Dims - not a copycat to pander for votes- STICK TO YOUR GUNS (literally)