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Obama’s Deadly Plan for the Death Tax

Isahiah Wrote: Dec 30, 2012 2:53 PM
0Bummer is stealing from my grandchildren!! I have no money to leave them but their DAD (my SIL) took over his father's failing plumbing business after his death, made a success & invested wisely in real estate so he would be able to make sure his kids would be well off after his death (he is an older Dad- and expects to be gone in their young adulthood) He is not wealthy but upper middle. THIS is THEFT of their inheritance & penalizing the successful entrepreneurial people who worked hard, saved, &paid a lot of taxes on that money already- politics is personal in a whole new way now- Obummer's war on my family-double taxation without representation!!!!

In some ways, it would be fun to be a leftist.

No, I’m not talking about living a life of idleness and letting others pay my bills, though I suppose that’s tempting to some people.

And I’m not talking about becoming a Washington insider and using corrupt connections to obtain unearned wealth, though I confess I’m actually friends with some of those people.

Instead, I’m talking about what it must be like to engage in reckless demagoguery and personal smears.

Remember during the presidential campaign when Mitt Romney was – for all...