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Independence Forever! Don't Ratify the UN Disabilities Treaty

Isahiah Wrote: Nov 30, 2012 4:31 PM
" will seriously compromise American sovereignty. " Isn't that the goal of the globalists our fellow Americans have put into power?? USA should have long ago dropped out of this biased, ridiculous, ineffectual organization - instead we PAY FOR MOST OF IT- it is just EXTORTION of our nation by 3rd world and communists

There’s an old story from the Jewish shetls of Eastern Europe. There was a singing contest among the animals. The Nightingale loses, despite her lovely singing voice. Looking down on the jury, she sees the grunting wild pigs. She weeps, not because she lost, she says. “But see who my judges are!”

America must feel like the Nightingale whenever she has to go before a UN panel.

I had the honor of serving our country as U.S. Ambassador to the UN’s Human Rights Commission. In those days, the UN body had such worthy respecters of human rights as Algeria, Libya, Syria,...