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Democrat Calls Border Fence "Dumb" While Claiming South Dakota is a Border State

Isahiah Wrote: Jun 13, 2013 2:23 PM
Sens. Dean Heller and Harry Reid pushed an amendment classifying Nevada as a border state. Border of what? California? This has GOT to be an under-handed way to MAKE MONEY for their state- Reid the King of Pork- is this a way to get the money that might be allotted to actual border states? WHAT A CROOK

Thursday during debate on the Senate floor about an amendment offered by Republican Senator John Thune requiring 350 miles of double-layer fencing along the southern border, Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu called the fence "dumb" and claimed South Dakota is a border state. Thune's amendment backs up the 2006 Secure Fence Act (which Landrieu voted for) requiring 700 miles of double layer fence along the southwest border with Mexico, of which only 36 miles have been completed. 

I’m going to speak about this amendment for just a minute, but I’ld like to respond to Senator Thune, and I wish that we...