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how original (NOT!) both sides are EQUALLY bad!!!! wah wah
Another myth of French tolerance was busted for me recently by a Black Frenchman- a Haitian boy adopted by white French people, raised in France and here in USA trying to stay b/c of RACISM BY WHITE FRENCH PEOPLE. Oh for so long we have been told by EUROS how racist we are and how accepting of other cultures they are- HE said the USA is the least racist of any country in the world and I agree
what is Charlie's race? oompa loompa orange? yellow belly? what race is pro-liar?
AND no more NEPOTISM - no MORE CLINTONS!!!!! not Hill, not Chelsea. Be "American" unless you are a recent LEGAL immigrant - your children will be citizens- no HYPHENS needed
IMAGINE IF ANY R DARED SAY THAT???? what a despicable Bitchell thing to say. Whatsamatter MEDIA MATTERS SLATE ETC MSNBC too timid to criticize her disgusting "war on wheelchaired"?
DEAR GABBY a GUN did not shoot you all by itself- a LEFTIST LOONY from your OWN side DID IT why not make them illegal instead? (lieberals, libiots, dumbocraps, proggies) This is STEP ONE of camel's nose in the tent strategy. End game=no guns for anyone but Obamanation's brownshirts
bring back the draft- each libiot needs a good dose of basic training - and a chance to understand what "defense" means (not imperialism)
nah these libiot journolistas are very sure they are in control and have nothing to be afraid of NOW by coming out with their true colors- which do include some very sick and genocidal fantasies about the rest of us. In the utopian bubble of their planet EVERYONE else thinks just as they do and if you don't you are an evil racist colonialist fascist rightwing neocon zionist. Question their own thoughts or their leader? nah
have not been revoked. SO REVOKE THEM!! not hard Obotics-- just do it- by executive order if necessary Ozippy- you have used your power for other not as important reasons now the word above should not be "We CAN'T" the word is YOU WON'T- what happened to yes we can!!oh DEMS? your country is calling ANSWER NOW
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Sweden to recognize Palestinian state

Isahiah Wrote: Oct 03, 2014 3:39 PM
HEY SWEDEN giant middle finger to you dhim-wits- I guess 90% increase in rapes on your blond women by Muslims is just fine for your Swede neutered men
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