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Australians citizens held hostage AT GUNPOINT by Muslim yesterday.CASE CLOSED . gun control means ONLY CRIMINALS will have weapons and you won't.. and despite the doctor's LYING most Americans want to the keep right to bear arms...
that mission was accomplished long ago- all our CIA FBNI military are already banned from acknowledging or saying ----------------> it's the ISLAM
Why Is John Kerry Now Referring to ISIS as 'Daesh'? A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep. -Saul Bellow, writer, Nobel laureate (1915-2005) Language distortion to try and make pretend ISIS/ISIL is not ISLAM- sadly it is the real ISLAM as defined by ALL ISLAMIC scholars but hey Bidumb knows more about ISLAM than people who lived it right? same reason we have outreach to Muslims and same reason Obama lies to us about "golden age" etc- WHITEWASH ISLAMIC TERROR- pretend it's a religion worth protection
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Requiem For The Truth

Isahiah Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 2:12 PM
the Ferguson crowd also need to read "the boy who cried wolf' ....truth died around 9/11/2001 haven't seen her since
he is referencing a quote from a famous DEM prez named Lyndon JOHNSON
wow we will be raking in the bucks here in MIAMI - the D way to stimulate economy- f. the US born- been this way here since 80's , anyone off the raft- immediate cash, freebies, job training, free esol etc- no Spanish? no job for you no Creole? no job for you ENGLISH?? not a requirement
and inciting riots and MURDER of JEWISH kid in Crown Heights- same techniques used as Ferguson
how many billions went to Liberia for ebola we are supposedly no in danger of? GET THESE VETS THE MONEY!!!!! stop funding other countries needs before our own most deserving-- NO ILLEGALS should be spending this money either no education no medical free send the bills to MEXICO
"a drive[SIC] plowed through a crowd of protestors running over one women and hitting several others." these drivers are not random actors- this is JIHAD- connect YOUR DOTS!!!!! no coincidence that Muslims are using cars to plow over people in Israel and have been asking all followers here to do same!!!! wake tf up
in the actual testimony (not gossip) the cop saw him holding the stolen cigars- not profiling, stopping a KNOWN perp
"Oh look a squirrel"-- that diversionary tactic & "they did it too" sh it only works on your voters Dimocrap #FAIL off topic
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