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ask the women he has pushed forward to LIE for him and then shoved UNDER his bus :
this is so bass-ackwards and makes me super angry to hear- I live in a city forced into bilingualism by the FEDS who allowed massive importation of Cubans then many more "Hispanics" . At 51% Latino it is USA English speakers who are being discriminated by job ads- no Spanish no job- of course bi-lingual is a farce in most places run by Hispanics- the service people here often do not speak English well enough to do their jobs, if your Spanish is not perfect- NO JOB FOR YOU WHITE MAN- It goes deeper than language too-"culture"we now can claim to be one of the RUDEST cities in USA too- in my county WHITE PEOPLE are 30% - a MINORITY- where is OUR protection for OUR rights our jobs????? down here in Cuba Norté- when we finish turning HERE into THERE where will Americans flee to???
50 to 1 they will repeat exact same for HRC and Liawatha next election................................................... " It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere. " Voltaire, philosopher and writer (1694-1778)
well schmucks I don't accept your apologies, way too little and way too late to DO ANYTHING about the HOUSE that YOU BUILT by lies, not checking his background, or his connections, not whining about lack of experience in ANY THING except making trouble- you wanted OBAMANTION so badly and you got it- the rest of us paying for your extreme stupidity, naivete, lies, distortions and ridiculous covering of his royal highness a s s
"..public education challenge ...that some bloggers and reporters .. questioned .. Rubio’s proposals would actually shore up Social Security finances.. an education challenge for voters to hear truth (but they won't..they cannot WILL not believe this without seeing that THEY are the party of obstruction and NO, and that all their other economic fantasies are just that! fantasy
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Cantor Loses By 11 Million Voters

Isahiah Wrote: Jun 12, 2014 6:33 PM
the newest ones don't even read or write in SPANISH- they speak Quechua or something like that- so expect to spend even more money
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Israel is Not America

Isahiah Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 2:56 PM
Must agree that USA swap was not a good idea- but it has not been such a good idea for Israel either- they got back 2 DEAD bodies and one live soldier yet released thousands of hostile men and women now glorified and paraded as heroes to future killers- it has created INCENTIVE to do more -sorry a bad idea for ANY nation to succumb to ransom for hostages, or "negotiate" with LIARS and swindlers. This admin has just handed victory to enemies, financed a more Jihad, and made EVERY AMERICAN ON THE PLANET a target for kidnapping
in his own words Obama said he learned "a new way" of looking at the Israel Palestine issue from Rashid Khalidi- the promises Obama made to his MB base in USA are being kept... and that secret is being kept for Obama on a tape that proves it by the LA TIMES (sitting on that nfo since before the 1st election of the first traitor prez) Yes USA taxpayers we are funding JIHAD --- a bipartisan effort D plus RINOS
yeah my holocaust survivor relatives had it so easy- traumatized teenagers, starved and sickly- refused entry to many nations including USA- placed in DP camps similar to concentration camps but with food and nor torture- but still PRISONS--long lines to find your family who may have lived or left for someplace else- taken into a new country named Argentina- made new lives, worked hard , profited - then EXILED AGAIN by a dictatorship- if you were lucky enough not to be 'disappeared" you got out-
I just love revisionist history- this fantasy is so cute- please tell us more stories from your version of the past
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